Rotary Clubs in District 5020 can apply for three types of Global Grants through The Rotary Foundation (TRF):

Humanitarian, Vocational Training Teams (VTT), and Scholarships.

All applications are processed online at  Go through "My Rotary", then Foundation, then Grant Application Tool.  Once there start with "First Steps".

Particular to District 5020 only are limitations on the District match with DDF dollars, and the number of grants allocated to any one club within a Rotary Year.

In order to be equitable in giving clubs the opportunity to receive a global grant with a District DDF match the limit is one grant per club per  Rotary Year.  Now that The Rotary Foundation (TRF) has allowed for applications to be made at anytime (i.e. no required start time and  deadlines) our task at the District level is to carefully monitor applications to TRF and insure that DDF will be available in each year. DDF allocation could now be committed a year or more in advance.

Thus, it is imperative that we control the process by limiting DDF allocation.  So, the maximum District DDF is $15,000 per grant application. DDF grant allocation is limited to one per Rotary Year per club UNLESS there are fewer applications than expected AND excess DDF is available.
  In that circumstance the District would entertain more applications and possibly approve another grant allocation for DDF from clubs. The maximum total DDF allocation in any Rotary Year is $40,000.  If excess DDF is available AND applications are few in number a club could  receive DDF for three projects.  However, that situation is unlikely given recent history.

While this may seem limiting to clubs that are well organized and have sufficient funds to do multiple projects the intent is to give as many clubs as possible an opportunity to do their own "Good in the World".  

This policy does NOT limit clubs to apply directly to TRF for grants.  Clubs can obtain grant approval from TRF without a District DDF match.  The downside of doing so is the inability to use the "multiplier effect" of matches with District and TRF DDF.
TIMELINE OF APPLICATIONS:  There is no deadline in applying for a Global Grant.  The limitation as it relates to District 5020 is the possibility of using all of the available DDF District match while there may still be Grant applications in the queue.  In that case grant applications will be “moved” into the next Rotary year in the order that they were submitted.
TRF has recently placed a submittal deadline of Global Grants requiring clubs to “submit” a Grant application within one year of the date that the club started the application online in “First Steps”.
Global grants support large international activities with sustainable, measurable outcomes in Rotary’s areas of focus. Grant sponsors form international partnerships that respond to real community needs.
Global grants can fund these activities:
·         Scholarships for graduate-level academic studies
·         Vocational training teams, which are groups of professionals who travel abroad either to teach local professionals about a particular field or to learn more about their own
A key feature of global grants is partnership, between the district or club where the activity is carried out and a district or club in another country. Both sponsors must be qualified before they can submit an application.
To be successful, your application must:
·         Be sustainable and include plans for long-term success after the global grant funds have been spent
·         Include measurable goals
·         Align with one of our areas of focus
·         Respond to real community needs
·         Actively involve Rotarians and community members
·         Meet the eligibility requirements in the grants terms and conditions
Applications are accepted throughout the year and reviewed as they are received.
The minimum budget for a Global Grant is $30,000. The Foundation’s World Fund provides a minimum of $15,000 and maximum of $200,000. Clubs contribute cash and the District matches the Club contribution 100% up to $15,000 with District Designated Funds (DDF) and World Fund matches 100% of the DDF. Under a recent change effective July 1, 2020, the World Fund no longer matches the Club cash contribution.
·         Grant Management Manual
·         Designing Sustainable Projects
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·         Global Grant Lifecycle
·         Cadre of Technical Advisers
·         Take a course on Rotary grants in the Learning Center
·         Get started with the grants application tool
·         Check our discussion groups
·         District Rotary Foundation committee
·         Rotary grant officer
·         Club Rotary Foundation committee