District Governor 2019/2020

Maureen Fritz-Roberts
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Maureen Fritz-Roberts - District Governor 2019-2020

The most important thing in Rotary is… membership.  Just ask Mo.
Maureen likes listening to Mark Knophfler or Elton John.  She loves walking.  Her dog Molly taught her the joy of getting out every day rain or shine.  Her passion is being part of the volunteer network of Rotary… and membership.
Maureen was a Rotarian in training long before joining- it just took someone to invite her.  Since joining the Rotary club of Comox, she has been club membership chair, district membership chair, club president (in that order), district visioning chair and an instructor with PETS and the Rotary Leadership Institute. Her motto is to have fun, raise funds and get it done… and membership is the most important thing in Rotary.
She currently manages an office with a focus on non-contentious law.  Throughout her career, she has worked with women in business to help them achieve their potential through education, skill and sharpening a positive attitude.  She believes if you lift someone else up - you really are the one who benefits the most. 
Maureen is a major donor to the Rotary Foundation, an Arch Klumph “wanna be” and member of the Rotary Wine Fellowship.  She does enjoy a glass of good red wine.  She and Dale have been on three National Immunization trips to Ethiopia, hosted several Youth Exchange students and helped the Rotary Club of Comox race a lot of little yellow ducks every Canada Day to raise funds for the community.
Mo has two children, five grandchildren, a plethora of friends in and out of Rotary all over the world and a husband of 42 years who has been a Rotarian almost as long as they have been married (and who neglected to invite her to join).