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June 2018
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Governor’s Message: June 2018
By Tom Carroll, District Governor 2017-18
This year has flown by! When I agreed to lead this District, I knew Laurie and I would be getting to know Rotarians throughout D5020. What I didn’t expect is how many friendships would be made in the process. From the smallest villages to the largest cites, we found dedicated Rotarians helping their communities and having a great time doing it. We started the year on July 1st in the Comox Valley, and we were surprised the entire town threw a parade in our honor (some say the parade was in celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday, but I prefer to believe AG Stu Tunheim, who said it was in our honor). Falling off a roof reminded me District Governors are indeed human and seeing the great work our clubs are doing every day reinforced the concept that we are a club-based organization. I want to thank those who attended our 2018 Conference and Training in Tacoma last month; I truly believe clubs can dramatically improve their performance and impact by ensuring several members attend each year.
(Photo Caption:  Tom Carroll & Laurie Schouboe Carroll, Yours in Rotary)
Get to know... Club President Jane Currie
Get to know your #district5020presidents! Meet Jane Currie, President of Rotary Club of Nanaimo. She is a retired chemist, having worked in industry and government in research and environmental management.
2017-18 Governor’s Literacy Challenge
Thank you to all the clubs that participated in the 2017-18 Governor’s Literacy Challenge. Earlier this year I asked clubs to donate at least 2 books per Rotarian to an organization of your choice and to keep track of the number of books donated.
Photo Caption: Laurie presenting the Governor’s Literacy Trophy to a representative from Puyallup South Hill
Starting New Clubs: Why We Must Continue to Plant the Seeds of Rotary
A Rotary Club is a lot like a tree. This is not a new metaphor, but one that I will shamelessly borrow from others before me. If you have read the April 2018 copy of the rotarian magazine then you may recall an article quoting Paul Harris, who wrote in his book My Road to Rotary “…as a result of my planting a sapling in 1905. The first Rotary Club was that sapling. It has grown into a mighty tree in whose shade it is delightful to dwell.” If you attended this year’s District 5020 Conference in Tacoma last month you might have heard Rotary International President’s Representative John Prendergast refer to Rotary Clubs being like trees. But what makes a Rotary Club like a tree?
District Ambassadorial Scholarship, Lacye Groening
Your District Scholarship Committee has been busy. Last fall we awarded the District Ambassadorial Scholarship of $15,000 for post-graduate studies to Lacye Groening, sponsored by the West Olympia District Club. Ms. Groening is pursuing a Masters of World Health at the University of Geneva, Switzerland. Because of her outstanding credentials the District has nominated her for a Global Grant Scholarship of $30,000. We worked closely with Ms. Groening to submit her application, which is pending. We are always looking for stellar applicants for these Rotary scholarships. Applications for the Ambassadorial scholarship are due September 15th for the following academic year. More information is on the District website under “Scholarships.” More information on Global Grant Scholarships can be found at
Photo Caption: Lacye Groening
District Rotarians Visit Grant Project in Guatemala
Linci Cipriani is one of the clients supported by our District Community Grant.
Linci started a small business selling cupcakes on the plaza of her village. She enrolled in the Namaste Guatemaya program, to receive business training and a microloan. She used the micro-loan to purchase a small oven, which has helped her to expand her volume and increase customers.
Photo Caption: Linci Cipriana w/Fundación Namaste Guatemaya Member
Attracting New Members Via Flickr
I have been thinking about ways to attract new members to our Rotary Clubs. I am convinced that we could significantly enhance our ability to attract new members by making our activities visible to other people via the web.
     So, here’s the bottom line up front – we need to be on the web as individual Rotarians, Clubs, and Districts (Rotary International already has a good web presence and is not the subject of this article).
Rotary Awards Information
Rotary Citations for Rotary, Rotaract and Interact Clubs
As we approach the end of the Rotary year the only award still open is the program for Rotary Citations for Rotary, Rotaract and Interact Clubs. Interested clubs will have been working on meeting the criteria for a citation.
Deadline: June 30, 2018

Please contact Mike Robbins if you have any questions about these awards. 

Mike Robbins
District Awards Chair
C: 360-292-8110

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