Posted by Craig Gillis
Welcome to World Polio Day ………  October 24th!
As we approach a momentous annual day in our Rotary Calendar…..October 24th ….. I want to remind all District 5020 Rotarians of our united goal to begin the Countdown to Eradication of Polio.   Many clubs in honour of this day are planning a World Polio Day event.   Let’s see what we can do ‘together’ as a district.   Spread the word in your community about the ongoing fight to end polio. Together, we can — and will — make history by ending polio for good.
Awareness + Funds Raised =  This Close to Polio Eradication Worldwide!

It is my hope that this year every Rotary club in our District can raise at least $1500 to help fund our final steps!
Please remember ---- if October 24th doesn’t work for your club to host an event----there are still many days in our Rotary calendar.  By ‘doing’ we prove we care, we prove we are united, and we prove that the single most unifying cause in our history----eradication of polio----continues to speak to our Rotary heart and commitment to ‘service above self’.   It is truly part of our Rotary brand---our identity!   
How do we demonstrate we are ‘Rotarians of Action’?
A few thoughts for joining our global celebration:
  • Hold a fundraiser----be certain to attach our Rotary brand
  • Educate your neighbors. Talk with friends, family, and colleagues about Rotary’s work to end polio.   Speak to at least five people you know about polio.
  • Invite a polio survivor to a meeting to share his / her personal story
  • Make a conscious decision to personally contribute to your club’s Polio Plus fund
  • Hold a viewing party. Watch the livestream of Rotary’s World Polio Day event as a club or with another Rotary or Rotaract club.
You don’t have to travel to Philadelphia to take part in Rotary’s World Polio Day event on 24 October. You can watch a livestream of the proceedings from your computer or smartphone starting at 15:30 Seattle time.      
A recording will be available shortly after the event on  This year’s event will be livestreamed from the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, known as the birthplace of American medicine. It is one of the oldest professional medical organizations in the United States. Global health experts and Rotary’s celebrity polio ambassadors will discuss our remarkable progress toward a polio-free world. Patience Asiimwe, the protagonist of Rotary’s upcoming virtual reality film “Two Drops of Patience,” will introduce the movie. A sneak peek from Rotary’s documentary “Drop to Zero” will also be featured. Jeffrey Kluger, senior editor for Time magazine, will discuss his experience traveling to Nigeria with Rotary to report on polio eradication. And we’ll celebrate the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative.
No event is too big or too small.  ‘Together/ we can INSPIRE the efforts of others!
District Governor --- Craig Gillis   (Thanks to Howard Svigals---Foundation Education)