Posted by Craig Gillis, District Governor 2018-19
Welcome to the 2018-2019 Rotary Year!

“Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change across the globe in, our communities and in ourselves.”                                                   ---  Rotary Vision Statement

As a teacher I confess I always looked forward to the start of a new school year.   There was something quite invigorating about drawing together our ‘team’ as we anticipated our best year ever.   Quite naturally, as members of a community we always want to envision a great year ----one in which we accomplish goals, learn more about one another, work with a sense of purpose, and ultimately change lives.  
Photo Caption:  The Area 2 group at PETS (President Elect Training), Craig Gillis, DG 2018-2019 Center
Rotary has that ability to draw us together in friendship and fun---united by a deeper sense of purpose and ultimately the discovery that our combined efforts create a sense of possibility in our local and global communities.

As ‘we’ begin a new Rotary year, I ask that you think of what you would like to accomplish----as an individual Rotarian, as a member of your Rotary club, as a member of District 5020. Think of how you can support your President and club leadership team as they take on the leadership mantle.  I ask you to set club goals together, keep them visible, monitor your progress, and celebrate the many successes that I am confident will ultimately emerge.  In doing so you will become Rotarians of Action able to leave a deep imprint on your community and larger world.   Our Rotary vision statement begins with the word, ‘together’ reminding us of how important that sense of ‘team’ can be.   Build your teams---know that Rotary is strong it is able to infuse us with a collective sense of purpose.   When you fully invest in Rotary be prepared also to notice change in ‘self’.   In this journey of service we share so much knowledge and experience, so much ‘wise practice’, and so much of one another’s lives.  The result is that we also experience change as individuals.

I am both energized and honoured to serve as your District Governor. I am excited about the year that lies ahead as we collectively live the Rotary International theme, “Be the Inspiration” and support our Rotary International President Barry Rassin.  I look so forward to seeing many of you at our District Training and Conference in Victoria May 9 to 11, 2019… orchestrated by our dynamic leadership co-chairs Stu Tunheim and Hannah Rail.

I ask you to continue to seek opportunities to acknowledge the efforts of your fellow Rotarians and community members who are committed to improving the lives of others. Notice and acknowledge those who ‘inspire’ you.   I will do everything I can to serve our clubs and our district well.   It is my sincere hope you will be able to attend the meeting when I officially visit your club.  It means a great deal to me to be able to share some time with you, your board, your President, and your Area Assistant Governors, and your guests…..having a chance to get to know you and to answer questions you might have.   ‘We’ are the District.
Together, let’s enjoy a memorable Rotary year!