Posted by Richard Clarke
If your club is considering proposing a change (enactment) to Rotary’s Constitutional documents ( RI Constitution, RY Bylaws  and/or the Standard Rotary Club Constitution), to be considered at the next COL,  your proposal must be submitted to the District no later than Oct 31, 2017.
A District may submit no more than five proposed enactments, which must have been endorsed by the clubs in the district. In District 5020 that vote will be conducted by an electronic ballot. Each proposal submitted by clubs will be reviewed by a District team, in an effort, to ensure that the proposals meet all of the COL requirements before submitting to the clubs for a vote.
The requirements that must be met for a proposed enactment to be considered by the Council on Legislation are set out in the Rotary Guide, How to Propose Enactments (July 2016). This can be found on the RI website by searching for it once in your account on My Rotary. Please do take time to review the Guide.
A few key points – your proposal must include the constitutional document(s) with the proposed changes highlighted. There are links to Word versions of all three constitutional documents in the Guide. Please note that often a change to one constitutional document may require a corresponding change to one or other of the constitutional documents. Your proposal must include the proposed corresponding changes.
A proposed enactment must be accompanied with a Purpose and Effect Statement which clearly identifies the issue or problem being addressed and how the proposed enactment will do so. This statement must be limited to 300 words or less.
Proposed enactments must be endorsed by Club members before submitting to the District.  Club endorsed proposed Enactments may be submitted by either the Club President or Club Secretary to both the District 5020 Council Delegate, Richard Clarke at and the District 5020 Alternate Delegate, Joanne Croghan at
Our goal is to forward proposed District 5020 enactments and instructions for voting to the Clubs by November 25th with a balloting deadline of December 10, 2017.
Should you have any questions with respect to submitting an Enactment Proposal or require assistance in drafting your proposal, please contact Richard or Joanne or you may email Rotary’s Council Services at