People join a Rotary club for different reasons. 
Most want to increase their involvement in the community and help serve.
Membership models now exist to help busy people join local clubs and fulfill their desire to serve.

This is an innovative approach to membership and you have to shoot to score”.  John Hewko – Rotary International Secretary (March 2016)

Club Flexibility

Clubs have complete control over when and where they meet and the types of memberships they wish to enact. 

While clubs are still required to meet twice a month, those meetings can be
  • traditional meeting format
  • social meetings
  • club projects
  • online or in person
New types of memberships:

Satellite Clubs

Satellite clubs provide another option for creating Rotary clubs. A satellite club functions as a short-term, transitional step on the way to becoming a full, independent Rotary club. This allows interested persons to become Rotarians without meeting the requirement of having at least 20 persons to organize a separate Rotary club. Rotarians who are absent from regular Rotary club meetings can make these up by attending satellite club meetings.

Passport Clubs