Posted by Kenneth Adamczyk
RYLA is designed to grow leadership skills in students who have untapped leadership potential. Specifically, we are focusing on juniors in high school. Our program is not for the student who is already utilizing strong leadership skills or students who have no desire to develop such skills. 
District 7190 RYLA has been developed to help the committed student with untapped leadership potential. Through our program we will open up that potential and show the student the possibilities that are available to them. This has positive effects on many parts of the student’s life. They will gain self-confidence, add valuable skills that will serve them well into their future, and will teach another generation
about the ideals of Rotary.

Download the RYLA Program Guide

The program cost $295 per student and is generally paid for by a Rotary club. Some clubs are able to sponsor more than one student. Sponsorship is done separately from participant submissions because some clubs sponsor more students than they submit for participation while other clubs submit more participants than they are able to sponsor. We have never turned a student away because the local club was unable to sponsor them. The clubs in our district are very generous and we’ve always been able to find the financial backing for every student.