Countdown to the RI Convention in Toronto, June 23-27, 2018
We are about ten months away from a very exciting opportunity for Rotarians and friends from District
7190 to attend an RI Convention close to home. The convention will be held in Toronto, Canada, less
than a day’s drive from anywhere in District 7190. No need for plane tickets, or long international flights.
No language issues. This chance will likely not come again in many years! I have asked DG Fred to allow
me to help promote this great event.
The District is encouraging all Rotarians to make the effort to attend this RI International Convention.
Many Rotarians believe that you cannot truly understand the impact of Rotary without attending one of
these meetings. Don’t miss this opportunity!

You can register for the convention by going to The registration fee is $345 per person
now and will increase on December 15.

Perhaps more important than registering for the convention now, is securing a place to stay in Toronto.
Many hotels are sold out or close to selling out. District 7190 has designated the Courtyard Marriott
Downtown, on Yonge Street
, as the district hotel. Staying here will allow our District folks to be together
if they wish. You can register for a hotel on the website above, by clicking on Convention Hotels. There
are rooms available at the Courtyard Marriott as of this writing. You can of course, register for any hotel
or any other housing you prefer. The important thing is to attend the Convention! You won’t regret it!!
If you have any questions, please let me know and I will try to help.

Thank you,
PDG John Mucha