Yes, Peace is Possible, Soon
I am exhausted when nearing the top of a fourteener. I continue to push on knowing the last is steeper, rockier, the path often disappears, and the air is thinner and colder.  I have had a good time thus far, why not turn around now?  I do, I turn around.  It is then I realize how far I have come, how much greater the views have become, and how exhilarated I now am feeling.  I joyously turn again and climb on to the top.
It is hard to see how close we are to peace.  Constant negative news of bombings, killings, and genocide.  Existential threats by nuclear weapons, climate change, or terrorists constantly remind us how unsafe we are.  We see a growing rise in peoples anxiety, suicide, shootings  – and we each blame it on something/someone different. 
While watching nightly news, whatever the channel, it feels as it did before turning around, before we see how far we have come.  The fact we are living in the most peaceful time, quantified by many researchers, cannot be obvious.  Yes, we have much more to go.  The road to peace is steep, rocky, and the path is not always clear.  But if we truly understand how far we have come, the tools in our box, and the number of people on the trail along side of us we will want to get to the top and see the views of Peace.  It is possible.
Many Rotarians joined our Peace Committee from our district to attend the Rotary World Peace Conference in Ontario, CA along with 1,200 other dedicated Rotarians.  At the conference there were 140 breakouts plus 24 dynamic keynote speakers.    We came away with strong messages of peace, the possibility of peace, and the tools to support you and your club as you take your first step toward peace.  Our committee members are eager to visit your club and share opportunities to become involved in the new movement towards peace.
Also, just a reminder that our first District-wide event, Let’s Talk… is coming up on March 14, 2020, at Red Rocks Community College from 8:30-4:30.  It’s a day-long interactive course led by Boulder Rotarian Dr. Randy Butler, around how to talk about difficult subjects in divisive times. For more information and to register, go to:,  You will also find contact information to all our peace committee members at this site.  Look forward to seeing you there.