Posted by Gail Lehrmann (Parker)
Knowing what motivates Rotarians to give to The Rotary Foundation is vital to the growth and longevity of your club’s fundraising efforts. Have they been personally affected by an issue? Are they eager for ways to give back to their community?
District 5450’s charitable giving to The Rotary Foundation’s Annual Fund and PolioPlus resulted in $872,353 in 2017-18. What’s motivating this surge in giving? The reasons for giving are as unique and individual as the Rotarians who give.
Mission-Driven:  Rotarians believe in TRF’s mission, trustworthiness, commitment, transparency, and dependability to “get things done” locally and globally.
Desire to Make a Difference:  When Rotarians feel their gift has a direct impact on improving a situation, they feel empowered.
Personal Satisfaction:  Donating to The Rotary Foundation feels good. Scientific studies have proven that generosity stimulates dopamine, which creates similar brain activity in the regions connected to the experience of pleasure and reward.
Family and Upbringing: For many donors, charitable giving is a family tradition, handed down from generation to generation. Behavior learned at a young age stays with us into adulthood.
Personal Stories:  Donating is an emotional act, and people connect more to personal stories. What impact has your Rotary Club had on its community through its projects?  What stories can you tell?
Religious beliefs:  Every major religion teaches good will, caring for others, and charitable giving. Rotarian donors practice what they have learned.
Tax Benefits: Although we won’t know for a few years the lasting impact of the elimination of personal tax exemptions, we know that altruism is a driving factor for why Rotarians donate. Let’s keep our donors inspired by our work, outreach, and impact on local and global communities.
And the #1 Reason Why Rotarians Never Give or Stop Giving… They stop thinking that they (or their gifts) do not matter to Rotary.  WRONG: Every gift matters – no matter how large or small.  It’s easy to make a commitment and give through Rotary Direct!