James was a recipient of the 2017-2018 District 5450 Scholarship. Through his Scholarship, James Received a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Sciences at the University College London.
He is now working at McLean Hospital, which is Harvard's psychiatric teaching hospital. Here, he works as a Mental Health Specialist on their Short-Term inpatient unit. This unit treats a variety of mental health patients, facing complex cases of anxiety, depression, and personality disorders, who often present at high risk for suicide or self-harm. McLean has offered James an incredible opportunity to gain more in-depth clinical experience and learn about the intricacies involved in inpatient psychiatric hospitalization. 
James has also accepted a spot at for this Fall at Rutgers University's clinical PsyD (Doctor of Psychology) program. The PsyD degree is the professional degree for clinical psychologists, as opposed to the PhD which is more focused on research and academia. Rutgers has one of the most well respected and competitive PsyD programs in the country and James is looking forward to getting this next challenge underway. 
James told Steve Baroch, Chair of District 5450’s Scholarship Committee, “It is clear to me the powerful role that Rotary and this Scholarship have played in propelling me towards my goals. I believe that the comparative global perspective I gained in London gave me a unique advantage as an applicant for doctorate programs and will continue to serve me as a student and clinician by being able to place my experiences in an international context.”
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