Posted by Jim Halderman (Golden)
Our District Peacebuilder Committee is presenting an exciting class on how to be comfortable in public discourse.  In this program you will learn how to easily talk about sex, religion, politics, or any other subject you believe may cause animosity.   Much of our quality of life depends on our ability to openly and comfortably discuss what we believe may offend others or create walls amongst others.  Our deeper understanding of different opinions broadens our perspective of all of life, while building self-esteem.   We intend to bring the concept and understanding of dialogue back to our society.  Save the date, March 14, 2020 at Red Rocks University.  More information will come your way after the first of the year.  Randall Butler, J.D., CEO of the Institute for Sustainable Peace, will be the facilitator.
The Peacebuilder Committee focusses on three avenues towards peace.  We believe youth programs in social/emotional understanding are critical.  Our district has developed several valuable youth programs such as Peaceful Schools Program along with the 4-Way Test, and, of course, RYLA, YRYLA, Interact, and Rotaract.  Second is the need to teach our society Peace is Possible. Today’s news would have you believe we are living in dangerous times, yet war, as all extreme violence, is, and will continue, to decline.  Third, as our upcoming program illustrates, is the need to learn to dialogue among all our society. Peace through understanding…understanding through Peace
Our committee is dedicated to bringing change towards how we see the world.  We are made up of a few very knowledgeable, and committed individuals.  We encourage any with like views to join our activities.  Rotary International is extremely committed to Peace.  RI has partnered with the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), which we all will be hearing much more about.  As a team RI & IEP are holding training sessions around the world to train “Peace Activators”.  The first one is held in January and twenty people from the US and Canada were invited to spend three days training in the art of bringing peace.  Our committee was very excited to learn two of our members were chosen, with a third on stand-by.  Rotary will hold several throughout the world, then connect Activators worldwide to share effectiveness of activities.
A perfect time to escape the cold is January 17-18, 2020. These are the dates of the Rotary World Peace Conference 2020.  Again, many Rotarians from our committee will be attending, along with others from the district.  Some of our committee also will be presenters.  It will be held at the Ontario Convention Center, Ontario, CA.  More information can be gained at:
Yes, Peace is Possible.