Dan Kapsak (Niwot)
Ron Grunzweig and I are starting our spin session on the 23rd to support the efforts of Rotary and RTEP during el Tour de Tucson.  We were graciously hosted by Eric Bergeson of Niwot Wheel Works to spin in their shop.  NWW is a great, local shop that provides full service for all our cycling needs...and also brews a great espresso!!  They even opened the shop two hours early for us!

Because I couldn't get to the ride this year (damn such inconveniences as heart attacks, herniated disc, child getting married all the way across the county), once again I turned to our Rotary Club of Niwot for support.  The club agreed to sponsor this effort (third year!) and throw money at us while we sweated away.  (Somehow I'm not sure why we two former club presidents got lucky enough to do all the work while the rest of the club simply wrote checks!). We joined all the Rotarians (including our own DG Curt Harris) in spirit who were able to be present and accounted for in Tucson.  We don't have a final count yet, but definitely raised over $1,000--with these pledges being matched 2-1 by the Gates Foundation.

I want to personally thank all who pledged their support for the spin session; Eric and Fernando at Niwot Wheel Works who literally opened their doors for us early on a Saturday morning; and our Rotary Club of Niwot family for their combined efforts to get us that much closer to ultimately ridding the world of polio.

Yours in Rotary,
Dan Kapsak
Secretary, Cycling to Serve - Rotary Cycling Fellowship US/CAN