Thank you to all Rotarians who supported the Rotary International Foundation in 2019!  As we enter a new decade, still hard to believe we are in 2020, we celebrate the wonderful work that The Rotary Foundation has accomplished through Rotarians who are inspired to work on behalf of others around the world!
During this past year, Rotarians have identified reasons they support The Rotary Foundation.  Some of the quotes include:
  • It makes me feel good to know I am helping others.
  • I believe in the Rotary’s mission of doing good in the world.
  • I want to support that Ugandan water project.
  • I want to impact my own community by doubling and tripling our grant funds, leveraging where we can.
  • A member of my club asked me to support Rotary’s work.
  • Charity Navigator’s rating for the foundation has given me confidence that my gift is being used wisely.
  • I’ve been a member a long time and I plan to leave a legacy.
  • I want to give back so that others may have an improved life.
For whatever reason you have given, thank you for your support this past decade and year!  Your support is impacting many people in your community and others around the world!!
We are 5450 People of Action!