You may have seen the story on the updated 2021-2022 Rotary Year Rotary Foundation funding model. The changes will effect matching funds and other Rotary Foundation funding rules. Click the link to read the full story from The Rotary Foundaiton:
The following Rotary Foundation "lemonade" facts may be helpful for us as a District - to appreciate how much The Rotary Foundation does for the world, and how our District and clubs can take advantage of this success. 
1.  The Rotary Foundation just had its busiest, most impactful year, worldwide in its 103-year history. It approved more grants and financial resources than ever in disaster response, local and international projects during the pandemic, and District 5450 was the beneficiary of one of these Disaster Response Grants. During a pandemic that we had not seen before in this form, The Rotary Foundation was there for us to move our projects forward as quickly as possible. Thank you again to The Rotary Foundation, 5450 Rotarians, and its donors for supporting our district club projects time and time again!
2.  While being busier than ever, The Rotary Foundation did have more financial burden, due to annual giving was significantly down worldwide. District 5450 giving was a challenge but we as a district rose to the challenge as we met our stated club and district goal plus every district club contributed something to the Annual Fund this past Rotary year.
3. The Rotary Foundation's cost of doing its work has increased due to its tremendous growth of Doing Good in the World. They have been able to manage it very well over the past decade. This will be the first change to the funding program operations in over eight years and is needed by The Rotary Foundation.
4. DDF rollover is something we as a district have managed well with our grant projects and Rotary scholarships, so not a concern for us as a district. We maximize our DDF (District Designated Funds) opportunities to serve both our local and international projects, our multiple scholarship programs, and of course, Polio Plus. We should be so proud of our district efforts in the past.
5. With the pandemic, we have all had to adapt and improve for the better for our district clubs. While the changes by The Rotary Foundation will be a challenge for all of us, we are ready to move forward with these new opportunities, supporting and helping guide our clubs with the best Area of Focus projects locally and globally. We need to continue to support The Rotary Foundation and its work with our human and financial resources.
6. Our grant projects will continue to support our almost seven Areas of Focus, and though the match may be less, it allows the opportunity for us as a district to collaborate and combine resources within multiple clubs even more than we have in recent times. I know there will be a time soon, that the match from The Rotary Foundation will be back to full funding after this pandemic. Let's pursue our individual and club Rotary philanthropic goals by giving to The Rotary Foundation regularly and via Rotary Direct.