In September, the Rotary Clubs of Centennial, Colorado and Moca, Puerto Rico built 1,200 water filters for survivors of Hurricane Maria in Moca, Puerto Rico. To qualify as a beneficiary applicants must be at or below the poverty line as well as either elderly, disabled or families with two or more children. In addition, applicants must take a seminar on how to properly use and maintain the filters a well as instruction on hygiene and disease prevention. 
Known as the Rotary WaterRico Project, it was funded by eight Rotary clubs from Rotary District 5450 in Colorado, a matching grant from Rotary District 5450, a Rotary Foundation Global grant and a generous gift from the Murray Fund. Volunteers from Centennial, Moca and Aguada teamed up to assemble the filters. 
In addition to supplying 9% of the city of Moca with clean water, the WaterRico Project hopes to reduce the use of plastic water bottles as a way to strive for a healthier ecological environment in Puerto Rico. For more information and to view our photo album go to:  WaterRico.com
You can also contact us at: Marc Garfinkel thevonce50@hotmail.com or John Peterson n2trout@me.com