• Click on the link on the left to access a searchable Excel file that includes contact information for each project.
  • The list will be updated as more projects are added to the database.
The District has developed an easy-to-use, searchable database to enter all of your Club Service Projects and Fundraisers. 
  • Let other clubs and Districts know what your club is doing - you can find partners or know who to ask if you have questions for your own projects
  • The Service Project list will be available in Excel format - search for projects by type, location, or club
Instructions for Entering Information:
  1. Enter information for ALL Club Service Projects or Fundraisers where your Club is the lead on the project
  2. If your project is ongoing throughout the Rotary year, enter the project information first. Email once the project/year is complete with your final financial and volunteer information so that the database can be updated.
  3. The database is ongoing throughout the year.  As you complete/add new projects, please add them to the database.
Please contact Beverly Mendel, or 303-477-0654 if you have any questions about entering your information.
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