District 5450 Rotary Grants Overview
April 2, 2020: The program has been an overwhelming success! Through yesterday, 29 clubs received grants totaling $40,050.  Our District Grants DDF is now totally exhausted for the rest of this Rotary year (ending June 30th).
Click Here to view the Special Covid-19 Grants approved in the District. District leadership will analyze the success of this Special COVID-19 District Grant program and determine if we should institute another program beginning July 1st for those clubs that were unable to obtain a grant under this recent program. That decision may not be made until June.
Club Qualification for Sponsoring Rotary Grants
A District 5450 Club that sponsors a Global Grant or District Grant must be “qualified” before the grant application can be approved.  Club qualification is renewed annually and requires:
  • Attendance at grant qualification training for the Rotary year of the grant by at least one Club member. 
  • All Grant Reporting Current on Global and District Grants.
  • Executed Club Qualification Memorandum of Understanding for the year
  • Confirmation of the Club’s most current filing of IRS Form 990 or its equivalent.
  • The District continues to encourage all Clubs to donate at least $50 per capita to the Rotary Foundation Annual Fund or PolioPlus each year.
Go to the Club Qualification page for more information and instructions.
District Designated Funds
50% of the contributions to the Rotary International Annual Fund are returned 3 years later to the District as DDF (District Designated Funds).  DDF is divided into two separate pools:
  • District Grant DDF which is returned to the District and used as the match for District Grant awards, which are administered by the District.
  • Global Grant DDF, which is held by The Rotary Foundation (TRF), and is used as a match for Global Grants, which are reviewed and approved by TRF.
District Grants
District Grants are humanitarian projects, either local or international, that meet TRF and District guidelines. A District Grant:
  • Meets a need identified by an underserved community.
  • Is a Rotary project, with signage and publicity; not the project of another organization.
  • Has all Grant funds under the control of Rotarians.
  • Does not incur expenses or begin until the Grant application has been approved.
  • Has hands-on involvement by the sponsoring Rotarians at the project site or, in the case of an international project, hands-on involvement by a partner Rotary Club in the project area.
  • Is designed to be completed by the end of the Rotary year.
  • Meets the additional requirements included in the District Grant Application form.
District Grant Funding 
  • Club funds will be matched $1 to $1 with DDF up to the limits below.  District Grants do not receive additional matching funds from TRF.
  • The DDF pool for District Grants is separate from that for Global Grants.  The amount of DDF available for 2019-2020 for District Grants is $130,000. 
  • Approved District Grant applications will be awarded DDF until the DDF pool is exhausted. The District may prorate awards in the month in which the DDF runs out.
  • Club limits apply separately to local and international projects. 
  • The maximum DDF available to a Club is $3,000 for local projects and separately $3,000 for international projects.
  • Project Limit:  The maximum DDF that may be requested for each District Grant is:
    • $3,000 if there is only one Club
    • $4,000 if there are two Clubs  or more Clubs
    • $5,000 if there are three or more Clubs
    • $6,000 if there are four or more Clubs
Conflicts of Interest
All Rotary Grants must meet the RI conditions related to Conflicts of Interest, whether real or apparent.  Any potential conflict of interest must be disclosed in the Grant application.  For District Grants, a Rotarian with a conflict of interest may not be a member of the grant’s committee or involved in the oversight of the grant.
For Global Grants, RI will determine if and in what way a Rotarian with the conflict of interest may be involved in the grant.
Any real or apparent conflicts must be disclosed on the application.
Global Grants
Global Grants are international projects jointly sponsored by a Rotary Club in the project country—the Host Club—and an International Rotary Club.  RI expects that the Host Club be the primary driver and implementer of the Grant.  A Global Grant:
  • Must be in one of the Six Areas of Focus.
  • Meets a well-defined need identified jointly by an underserved community and the Host Rotary Club.
  • Is a Rotary project, with signage and publicity; not the project of another organization
  • Has all Grant funds under the control of Rotarians, in the project country if possible
  • Has hands-on involvement by the Host Rotarians at the project site
  • Has participation by the International Rotarians as well
  • Is a large, generally multi-year project, with a minimum of $15,000 in funding from The Rotary Foundation World Fund.  This results is a minimum grant size in District 5450 of approximately $35,000.
  • Receives a match of District DDF plus funds from TRF’s World Fund.
  • Does not begin until the Grant Application has been approved.
Global Grant Funding
Club contributions to Global Grants will receive a dollar for dollar match of DDF up to the limits shown below. Each year, a Club can request up to $15,000 in DDF as a match to contributions for one or more Global Grants. 
Total District 5450 DDF available for a Global Grant supported by District 5450 Clubs is 
  • $15,000 cash contribution if there is one Club
  • $20,000 cash contribution if there are two Clubs
  • $25,000 cash contribution if there are three are more Clubs
Global Grant Applications will be allocated DDF on a first come/first served basis until all DDF reserved for Global Grants are exhausted.   Note that the District retains the right to prorate some awards if the pool is exhausted before the end of the Rotary year.  The District will advise Clubs sponsoring Global Grants about potential limits on DDF throughout the year.
In addition, Club funds are matched $ .50 to $1 by The Rotary Foundation (TRF) and DDF are matched $1 to $1 by TRF.
Creation of Sue Fox Memorial Supplemental Grant
To honor Rotarian Sue Fox for her significant role in creating a partnership between Rotary and the Peace Corps, the District offers each year a $5,000 supplemental Grant to a District 5450 Rotary Club. The grant will help fund a Global or International District Grant that includes active participation of a Peace Corps Volunteer at the project site. 
The grant will be in addition to other funding and not subject to any District 5450 funding limits.   The District will post details about the grant and a simple application shortly on the District website.  Applications may be submitted starting January 2018 for awards effective July 1, 2018; the awarding of the grant will be at the sole discretion of the District leadership.
Rotary Grant Scholarships
Each year, the District submits two candidates to Rotary International for consideration for a Rotary Global Grant Scholarship of $30,000 for graduate study.  Candidates must study in one of Rotary’s Six Areas of Focus and demonstrate that their work history and career plans align with their Area of Focus.  Rotary International makes the final decision regarding the candidates.
Clubs are encouraged to identify potential candidates and direct them to the District website for more information.  Preliminary applications are required in early October, with interviews in December.  Selection of scholarship candidates is made soon after for submission to Rotary International for consideration.  The scholarships are awarded for study in the subsequent academic year.