Global Grants Overview

Global Grants are significant, sustainable projects that meet community-identified needs.  They are  are sponsored by two clubs or districts: a host partner in the country where the activity takes place and an international partner outside the country. The minimum match from the Rotary Foundation for a Global Grant is $15,000, which for District 5450 sponsored Global Grants results in a minimum $35,000 grant, but most Global Grants are much larger. 
Club contributions to Global Grants will receive a dollar for dollar match of DDF up to the limits shown below.   Each year, a Club can request up to $15,000 in DDF as a match to contributions for one or more Global Grants. 
Total District 5450 DDF available for a Global Grant supported by District 5450 Clubs is 
  • $15,000 cash contribution if there is one Club
  • $20,000 cash contribution if there are two Clubs
  • $25,000 cash contribution if there are three are more Clubs
Global Grant Applications will be allocated DDF on a first come/first served basis until all DDF reserved for Global Grants are exhausted.   Note that the District retains the right to prorate some awards if the pool is exhausted before the end of the Rotary year.  The District will advise Clubs sponsoring Global Grants about potential limits on DDF throughout the year.
In addition, Club funds are matched $ .50 to $1 by The Rotary Foundation (TRF) and DDF are matched $1 to $1 by TRF.
A Global Grant must be in one of Rotary’s Six Areas of Focus and requires participation by both the Host (in country) Rotarians and the International Rotarians. 
When considering any project, sponsors must first conduct a thorough community assessment that explores the pressing needs in the project location along with the club and community resources available to address them. Rotary International provides guides for all parts of the development and implementation of a Global Grant. These documents are available on the RI website,  Many of these documents can also be downloaded from this website.

Once the project has been developed, a proposal should be submitted to the District for review. Once the review is complete, the sponsoring club can begin to write the Grant application online at the RI website.

District 5450 also selects up to two candidates per year to be presented to The Rotary Foundation as nominees for scholarships through Global Grants.