District Grants Process 2019-2020
District grants are intended to support club-sponsored humanitarian projects that align with The Rotary Foundation and District 5450 missions.  These grants are hands-on Rotarian projects that address immediate needs in the benefiting communities, both local and international.  Applications for 2019-2020 District Grants will be accepted beginning May 13, 2019 until funds run out.  Approved grants will be funded after July 1.
Note that there have been changes to the amounts of DDF available for 2019-2020 District Grants. 
The following are some of the District Grant requirements and processes for 2019-2020.  More detail is included in the instructions at the front of the District Grants Application for 2019-2020.
  • Each club is eligible for $3,000 in DDF separately for local and for international projects.  Additional DDF is available per project if more clubs participate.  Please read the instructions in the ‘District Grants Process’ section of the District site and the instructions to the 2019-2020 District Grants Application.
  • Applications will be accepted beginning May 13, 2019 and are awarded beginning in July, 2019.  Grant applications will be considered for approval when the application is complete and the sponsoring Club is qualified.   
  • District Grants are awarded on a first come first served basis.  Grant amounts may be prorated in the month in which DDF runs out. 
  • Satellite groups are eligible for a local District Grant in the same amount as a regular club.  (Satellite Clubs cannot sponsor international District Grants. The Satellite group is considered qualified if the sponsoring club is qualified.  The sponsor Club is responsible for making sure that the grant is implemented.
  • The District encourages clubs to continue their long-standing relationships with local community organizations through funding from their Club and fundraising activities.  Because of the limited amount of DDF available, we encourage Clubs to use District Grants to help initiate innovative projects that meet the needs of newly identified beneficiaries in their communities. 
  • The District encourages Clubs to develop pilot international projects funded with international District Grants that could be expanded into a Global Grant.
  • What happens after you submit your grant?
    1. It will be assigned to a reviewer 
    2. The reviewer will contact you/your Club within 7 days of assignment with feedback from the review. 
      • Feedback might include questions or request for additional information.
      • Contact 'Buchi Anikpezie (anikpezie@gmail.com) if you've not heard from the reviewer at the end of the specified time 
    3. Application proceeds to approval vote once it is deemed complete, i.e. 
      • All concerns arising from the initial review has been addressed or
      • No concerns arising from initial review
    4. Approval vote typically takes 1 – 7 days
      • Any questions that arise at this stage will have to be addressed by the project champions and/or the Club
    5. The club is notified of the outcome of the vote. 
    6. Please note that all communications related to your grant will be done using the email(s) listed on the grant application form
For additional information or previous years’ form, please contact:
‘Buchi Anikpezie
(612) 548-1759