DG Bob reminds us that while we haven't rounded the curve against COVID-19, we have an expectation that things are about to change:
♦  Vaccinations are a critical component to making this change.
♦  When it's your turn, please get vaccinated. Then encourage your family, friends, and those around you to do the same.
Together we can make an impact - together we can look forward to brighter days ahead.
Lt. Gov. Jim Brook (Summit County)
We continue to hear from clubs that too many of their members won't participate in Zoom meetings because they're just not the same as meeting in person. It seems to me there's a rough parallel there to a football fan who is not able to get tickets to go to the stadium in person to watch his team play....does he then decline to watch the game on TV?  
Of course not. While he may miss some of the excitement of being in the middle of the rowdy stadium crowd, he's spared the traffic snarl driving there and home again, dodging spilled beer, and having to stand up for most of the game in order to see anything over the crowd in front.  Watching the game at home, he will find that the TV coverage has great commentary and close ups of the action, beer and snacks are handy in the kitchen, and the couch is really comfortable.
Virtual Rotary meetings have their shortcomings, but they also have real advantages for those clubs that plan lively content and provide for member interaction and interesting programs.  And many Zoom participants get to speak and be heard by their fellow members - much more gratifying than yelling at the referee or coach on the TV.
COLORADO WILDFIRE DISASTER RELIEF FUND: The fires may be out, but the need is still great. The Natural Disaster Response Committee is currently working with local Rotarians and contacts in Grand Lake and other effected areas to determine how best to distribute donated funds. It will take some time before needs assessments can be completed. Donations can be made online or you can mail a check to Rotary District 5450, Subject Line: Colorado Fires, 5103 Dvorak Circle, Frederick CO 80504. Click Here to learn more and see photos, or click here to watch a short video on the fires. 

PEACE FORUM DISCUSSIONS - register now for these free one-hour monthly discussions on a variety of topics. Thursday, Feb. 4, will be Principled (Win/Win) Negotiation - we will look at how the principles of collaborative mediation may be utilized by anyone to promote peaceful resolution of disputes, with results "beneficial to all concerned." Click Here to view the flyer!

PDG PK BONDE PASSED AWAY - PK was a longtime member of the Longmont club, and was our District Governor in 1997-1998. CLICK HERE to read a wonderful tribute.

Please watch and share this great THANK YOU VIDEO from Rotarians around the District. We want it to reach as many Healthcare Workers and facilities throughout not only Colorado, but around the country and the world! Let everyone know how much they are appreciated!

ROTARACT 5450 STEERING COMMITTEE LOOKING FOR GREEK ALUMNI: Rotaract 5450 would like your help to get more young adults involved with Rotary and experience the "Rotary magic."  READ MORE if you can help!

THE POLIO PLUS SOCIETY was formed to encourage Rotarians to commit to a minimum of $100 per year to the PolioPlus Fund until polio is eradicated from the face of the earth. CLICK HERE to learn more.

RECORDING LINKS ON DISTRICT WEBSITE: Did you miss the Virtual District Conference? Couldn't participate in the training webinars? The recording links are now on the District website under the Training/Events tab.

ARE YOU LISTED IN THE ONLINE BUSINESS DIRECTORY? Register now for only $1.00 when you enter promo2020 on the payment page! - learn more and read about the features: Get details HERE...

YOU CAN HELP! Castle Rock High Noon member, Steve Baroch, is asking for donations of gently used Smart Phones, Laptops and Tablets for use in educational programs in Africa and on the Navajo Nation. Any of these USED DEVICES that are sitting at home or in your office will help. Click Here for more information  

OVER 65? YOU CAN VOLUNTEER NOW TOO! Denver Cherry Creek & Metro Caring's project to repackage staple foods into smaller bags has raised the age limit! Click Here for more info and to volunteer.

EVERGREEN ROTARY partnered with other Rotary clubs and Rotary International, and leveraged our $15,000 into $215,000 bringing fresh water to 200-300 homes in St. Helene, Honduras. CLICK HERE to watch the video of their project.

Post your story on your club's website or Facebook page, and then send the link to Doing so will give your club more exposure - readers will see the story on your club's site, which will let them know more about your club and members.
The Rotary Foundation Vision: “Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change — across the globe, in our communities, and ourselves.” Adopted by the Board and Trustees in June 2017, this vision statement reflects the impact Rotary aspires to have on the world and our members. Click the links below to read the full stories...

LOVE IS IN THE AIR! Ah, February! Where we celebrate Black History Month, it's 95th Year! This year’s 2021 theme is The Black Family: Representation, Identity, and Diversity. As the US Census Bureau reminds us: To commemorate and celebrate the contributions to our nation made by people of African descent, American historian Carter G. Woodson established Black History Week (then called “Negro History Week”) nearly a century ago. Read more…

ENTHUSIASM & ENERGY TO ERADICATE POLIO CONTINUE IN DISTRICT 5450! Have you heard of Rotary's Paul Harris Society? Now comes the Polio Plus Society! A great way to support ongoing polio and its plus: Eradication across the world with a dedicated Rotarian commitment. The requirements are that each person interested in joining the Polio Plus Society sign a pledge / commitment letter that states they agree to give at least $100 to Polio Plus/End Polio Now every year until the world is declared “polio-free” and to then make the first donation of at least $100. This can be done as a single one-time annual donation or by signing up to have at least $10 per month donated through Rotary Direct. Read more…

THE ROTARY FOUNDATION UPDATED NEWS: in the six months July - Dec ’20 the Rotary Foundation has sanctioned 1,197 Global Grants for $87.5 million. Compare this with 634 grants for the same period last year for $46.4 million. Great work Rotarians! You are truly making a difference in the world! Last year, The #Rotary Foundation responded quickly to the growing needs of the #COVID19 pandemic by providing more than $22 million in grant funding to support our communities.

FEBRUARY IS PEACEBUILDING & CONFLICT PREVENTION MONTH: One of the six (almost seven) areas of focus is Rotary peacebuilding and conflict prevention (the actual area of focus is named "Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution"), which is the theme for February. The path toward peace begins with understanding and respect for the differences that make us unique. Read More…

HOT OFF THE PRESS - GRANTS UPDATE - From Chair Marty, we have 23 DDF grants going now this year either approved or pending. We still have 85K in DDF left to give out. Continue to keep these grant projects/applications coming – we can do it Rotary 5450 and make a great difference in our communities as #PeopleofAction #RotaryResponds | For more information, contact the District Grants Subcommittee Chair, Marty Waters -


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