DG Bob reminds us that the new Rotary year is just around the corner - July 1, 2021:
♦  Our club president elects will be attending President Elect Training (PETS) this month
♦  What do each of us want to see as improvements in our clubs, and our Rotary experience?
♦  In exchange for your time and capital, what would make your Rotary experience more valuable to you?
Now is a great time to open a dialogue with your club leaders to make our clubs stronger and more vibrant than ever! 
James J. Johnston (“Jim”) will serve as District Governor in 2023-2024. Jim joined the Rotary Club of Denver in 2008, and served as Club President from 2019-2020, Service Team VP from 2016-2018, Club TRF Chair from 2009-2010, and currently is chair of the club’s strategic planning efforts, “Quest 31”.  Jim is a Major Donor with The Rotary Foundation.
Today, Jim works with small entrepreneurs as an impact investor and supports his wife’s residential remodeling occupation. Previously he worked as a mergers and acquisitions advisor with The Forbes M+A Group from 2011–2017 and with Business Acquisitions Ltd, a firm started by his mother, from 2005-2011. Before this, he taught English to students in Czechoslovakia, El Salvador, Washington State, New Hampshire and New York before serving as a prep school admissions officer and lacrosse coach in Pennsylvania.
Jim grew up in south Denver and takes pride in being a Colorado kid. He earned a BA in English from Kenyon College and an MBA from the University of Denver. He is married to Pam Mulzer Johnston and together they have three young children: Henry, Graham and Maeve.
9HEALTH VACCINATION UPDATE - the state has approved 3 new vaccination sites in the Denver area. These will be recurring sites with weekly vaccination clinics through May. Currently 20 Rotary clubs have signed up with the District to provide volunteers for these vaccination clinics. If your club is interested in participating, designate one member to contact Audrey Leavitt for sign-up details:

HELPING FAMILIES IN TEXAS - Rotary District 5890 in Houston, TX has created a special Freeze Response Grant to provide some modest funding to clubs who desire to help a needy family or individual impacted by the recent freezing weather conditions. Click Here to learn how you can help. Our District 5450 is actively working to determine additional ways we can help our Texas friends.

PEACE FORUM DISCUSSIONS - register now for these free one-hour monthly discussions on a variety of topics. Thursday, March 4, will be Unconscious Bias - we will discuss bias and micro-aggressions and what they mean within the context of building meaningful relationships with people who are different from you. Click Here to view the flyer!

ROTARY DAY AT THE ROCKIES! Sunday, Sept. 26 - Save the Date! Colorado Rockies vs. San Francisco Giants, a National League West Division rivalry game. A portion of ticket sales will go to End Polio Now. Tickets will be announced and available soon!

THE POLIO PLUS SOCIETY was formed to encourage Rotarians to commit to a minimum of $100 per year to the PolioPlus Fund until polio is eradicated from the face of the earth. CLICK HERE to learn more.

COLORADO WILDFIRE DISASTER RELIEF FUND: The fires may be out, but the need is still great. The Natural Disaster Response Committee is currently working with local Rotarians and contacts in Grand Lake and other effected areas to determine how best to distribute donated funds. It will take some time before needs assessments can be completed. Donations can be made online or you can mail a check to Rotary District 5450, Subject Line: Colorado Fires, 5103 Dvorak Circle, Frederick CO 80504. Click Here to learn more and see photos, or click here to watch a short video on the fires. 

RECORDING LINKS ON DISTRICT WEBSITE: Did you miss the Virtual District Conference? Couldn't participate in the training webinars? The recording links are now on the District website under the Training/Events tab.

ARE YOU LISTED IN THE ONLINE BUSINESS DIRECTORY? Register now for only $1.00 when you enter promo2020 on the payment page! - learn more and read about the features: Get details HERE...

DONATE USED SMART PHONES & TABLETS! Castle Rock High Noon member, Steve Baroch, is asking for donations of gently used Smart Phones, Laptops and Tablets for use in educational programs in Africa and on the Navajo Nation. Any of these USED DEVICES that are sitting at home or in your office will help. Click Here for more information  

TIME's FIRST KID OF THE YEAR! Highlands Ranch, Thursday March 18 at 12:00 noon. Join in this Zoom presentation by Gitanjali Rao, a Lone Tree, CO resident and STEM School Highlands Ranch student. RSVP by March 12. Click Here for more information

OVER 65? YOU CAN VOLUNTEER NOW TOO! Denver Cherry Creek & Metro Caring's project to repackage staple foods into smaller bags has raised the age limit! Click Here for more info and to volunteer.

Post your story on your club's website or Facebook page, and then send the link to Doing so will give your club more exposure - readers will see the story on your club's site, which will let them know more about your club and members.
The Rotary Foundation Vision: “Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change — across the globe, in our communities, and ourselves.” Adopted by the Board and Trustees in June 2017, this vision statement reflects the impact Rotary aspires to have on the world and our members. Click the links below to read the full stories...

GETTING READY FOR SPRING CLEANING! As winter looms on for another 3 weeks, thank you, Punxsutawney Phil, it is never too late to get ready for spring cleaning, so open the windows, get some fresh air, sweep the porch, and get your Foundation house in order.
Here are some quick tips:
  1. The early bird catches the worm: Check on your club-giving goals. Have you met or exceeded them? If not, will you be able to by the end of this Rotary Year! It is also good to know where you are year over year and where your club’s fundraising and giving is, plan to get to the finish line. Data can help guide you with this task at or feel free to contact the Foundation Team.
  2. Divide and conquer: Don’t feel like you must do it all yourself. Utilize your club’s foundation and TRF committees and spread the responsibilities of your giving work within your teams.  
  3. Make a list of the resources you want to refresh, use, keep or discard. Having the most up-to-date relevant Rotary Foundation information will help you with your club’s philanthropic focus. Check out for the latest resources.
  4. Be realistic and don't forget to have fun, the fifth object of Rotary! When talking about The Rotary Foundation and your club’s foundation, bring some fun into the conversations, brainstorm ideas, but know what your club and your committees can do while setting high expectations.

FOUNDATION 101 - You may have seen the story on the updated 2021-2022 Rotary Year Rotary Foundation funding model. The changes will effect matching funds and other Rotary Foundation funding rules. Click the link to read the full story from The Rotary Foundaiton:
The following Rotary Foundation "lemonade" facts may be helpful for us as a District - to appreciate how much The Rotary Foundation does for the world, and how our District and clubs can take advantage of this success. Click Here to read more...

  • The number of wild polio cases for 2021 as of February 24, 2021, is 2. There was 1 in Pakistan and 1 in Afghanistan.
  • The numbers in 2020 were 140. 84 in Pakistan and 56 in Afghanistan
  • The numbers in 2019 were 176. 147 in Pakistan and 29 in Afghanistan.
We are getting there Rotarians! We need to continue to support our immunization workers and efforts around the world. They continue on the front lines. Rotary’s work with Polio is a key example to combat vaccine misinformation and hesitancy. Clubs should disseminate accurate, fact-based information as provided by local health agencies. It’s important to spread the word that vaccines work by using #vaccineswork in social media postings.

MESSAGE FROM THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES - We awarded our first Programs of Scale award to a Rotary Club in Zambia. The value of the project is $6m. Our $2m will be matched by Gates Foundation and World Vision Zambia with a total financial outlay of $6m. It aims to reduce malaria by 90% in 10 targeted districts.
The program directly engages 2,500 community health workers, 60 District Health staff, 382 health facility staff, and Rotarians from six Rotary clubs in Zambia. The program prioritizes services to pregnant women & children under 5, who suffer disproportionately from malaria & death.


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Tuesday, March 2 | 12:15 to 1:00 pm
Thursday, March 4 | 6:30 to 7:30 pm
Thursday, April 1 | 6:30 to 7:30 pm
Friday, May 7 | Details Coming Soon
Saturday, May 8 | Planning by Clubs & Areas
Sunday, Sept. 26 | Save the Date!
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