You might have heard of how my journey to Rotary started with Rotaract, or maybe you have heard me narrate how I would have been unable to transit to Rotary if there were no eClubs at the time. What you may not have heard is that my transition to Rotary was neither rosy nor convenient. I was officially admitted to Rotary eClub One on December 14, 2009, after having been part of Rotaract for about ten years. While it was true that I've had Rotary exposure for ten years, I was still a newbie to this particular Rotary Club. Things were either new or different, including its mode of meeting, membership spread, and culture! As I settled into the Club, one of the members that reached out to welcome me was Henry Harrison. Unlike others, he continued to follow up with me periodically to find out how I was settling into the Club and how every other thing was going.

Less than a year into my membership, I moved thousands of miles across both country and continent to the United States to begin a graduate program. Once again, Henry reached out to welcome me to the United States, even introducing me to some of his contacts at my University campus. Another member, Kay Augustine, traveled to campus to meet me for coffee on one or two occasions. Neither of these individuals was an officer of Rotary eClub One at the time. Years later, I would discover that Henry was admitted to the Club about two weeks before my admission. Far from home and settling into the life of a graduate student, it is safe to say that Rotary was not a priority at that point in my life. It would have been easy to resign my Rotary membership. However, Henry and Kay, through their acts of engagement, gave me reasons to want to remain connected to Rotary eClub One.

Most of our Rotary Clubs do not have a problem getting new members to join our Clubs. This past year, Rotary Clubs across our District admitted 374 new members into our Clubs. The challenge we often face is getting new and existing members to stay. In a world with increasing competing priorities and avenues of service, every member needs a reason to remain part of that Rotary Club. Often we leave this member engagement and retention task to the Club leadership. However, as exemplified from my experience with Rotary eClub One, each of us has a unique role to play in giving our fellow Rotarians a reason to want to remain connected with our Rotary Club. Remember, while the Club leadership might set the tone, our collective behavior constitutes the Club's culture. Henry and Kay's engagement helped me perceive Rotary eClub One as a caring Club, one that supported my personal development. So, I ask each of you: what are you going to do to help make your Club more welcoming and conducive for that next Rotarian?  

I want to continue this conversation with you in person. I invite you to join your fellow Rotarians and me at Red Rocks Community College on August 27 for a Membership Summit. The District's membership committee has provided this summit as a platform for Rotarians to exchange ideas and experience on retention, activation, and involvement of members in our Rotary Clubs. Please sign up for the summit on the District Website.
Sunday, August 21 - 1:00 pm
The COLORADO ROCKIES have provided a new link,, allowing you to buy tickets, 12 or less or 12 or more, so your club can sit together at  the Rockies vs. Giants game. Please remember this game is a fundraiser for End Polio Now polio eradication - $5.00 of each discounted $31.00 ticket goes to polio eradication. Bring your whole club to the game!

It's time to update your look: IMAGINE ROTARY
Click Here to download the new theme logo, view a webinar on how to update your ClubRunner website with the current theme logo, Rotary Masterbrand and wheel, and more! Remember to update your Facebook page too.

THE MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE IS HOLDING NEW CLUB INFORMATIONAL SESSIONS twice a month about how to start a service-oriented club. Do you know service-minded people who haven't yet found Rotary? Maybe starting a new club is for them! Contact Charlotte Roehm for more information.

AGENTS OF INFLUENCE – A Video Game to Combat Misinformation. Anahita Dalmia is a Rotaractor/ Rotarian duel member in District 5320 and a 3rd generation Rotarian. She’s been working on a project called Agents of Influence - an educational videogame that aligns with the 4 way test and teaches students to think critically and seek the truth to make responsible, informed decisions. They are looking to partner with Rotary Clubs and educational organizations to make an impact using this game. The goal is to have 100 Rotary Clubs by December with at least one pilot in each State, with a larger representation in California. Currently they have about 20 Rotary Partnerships and are working with 4 School Districts, including Fullerton. They are officially supported by Rotary District 5320. Click Here to read more and find out how your club can participate.

JOIN THE DISTRICT'S ONLINE DIRECTORY & DO BUSINESS WITH OTHER ROTARIANS! Register now for only $5 per year! Let other Rotarians know how to reach you! - learn more and read about the features: Get details HERE...

Steve Baroch of the Castle Rock High Noon Rotary Club is helping to organize Rotarian volunteers for Denver CureSearch Walk, an event to celebrate the kids who beat cancer, to support those currently fighting, and to remember those we've lost. Saturday, September 10, at Civic Green Park. Volunteers will be helping with check-in, registration, running games, and activities. To Volunteer contact CureSearch Organizer Laura Hancock at - 240-235-2210 or Steve Baroch at - 303-909-7563. Click Here to learn about the event.

Great idea how to approach new members! Centennial Rotary Club is hoping to sell 1,000 cases of peaches and pears - during the delivery/pick-up they will be inviting buyers to visit club meetings and become future members. Having a flyer to distribute with recent club projects and club meeting and contact information to people who are already supporting the club is a great way to attract potential members. Highlands Ranch Sunrise handed out this card to about 1,000 cars during their recent electronics and paint recycling event, and have had several people attend meetings!

Post your story on your club's website or Facebook page, and then send the link to Doing so will give your club more exposure - readers will see the story on your club's site, which will let them know more about your club and members.
The Rotary Foundation Mission (7/2021): The Rotary Foundation helps Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace by improving health, providing quality education, improving the environment, and alleviating poverty. Click the links below to read the full stories...

PROJECTS IN DISTRICT 5450 – THE ROTARY FOUNDATION PARTNERSHIP: Happy Raining and Cool Summer, Rotarians. As we continue to strive to adapt successfully to our new normal, we continue to see outstanding projects that have come forward for both our district designated-funded and global grant-funded considerations. We continue to be #PEOPLEOFACTION despite our new normal.
Have you considered being a project champion for something you are passionate about in your community or across the world? The District Foundation Team including our Grant Technical Advisor Experts can help connect you to valuable resources, matchmaking with other clubs locally and internationally, and help with your grant applications. With over 42 district-designated funded projects this past Rotary year of 2021-2022, District 5450 Rotarians amaze us all with the innovation, collaboration, and generosity with their clubs, members, and strong community partnerships.
A few of our funded projects globally and locally include:
  • Afghan Refugee Projects with Project Worthmore and other NGOs helping families adapt and thrive in the State of Colorado after relocation.
  • Mental Health for Mountain Area Youth and Families
  • Ukrainian War Relief Effort project along with the Project Cure container sends to help our Ukrainian friends survive in a dire situation.
  • Summer Learning Toolkits for students to overcome learning loss after the pandemic.
Our approved granted projects are always available on our Grants website page. Congratulations to these Project Champion 5450 Clubs. Our Rotary Foundation Partnership looks forward to your Service about Self.
You can also gain ideas from Rotary Action Group websites and Rotary Fellowship sites.

BY THE NUMBERS: The Annual Funds (from the ANNUAL FUND – SHARE) raised in 2021-22 by District 5450 Rotarians ($633,553 plus) will provide increased dollars for our District grants during the 2024-2025 Rotary Year (funds are invested by The Rotary Foundation (TRF) for 3 years, earnings are used to manage TRF, and then our dollars come back to our District after 3 years). We only had one club in the District that was not able to contribute this past year. That is 98% of District 5450 clubs.
Our PolioPlus efforts raised $189,345 plus in 2021-22 with only two clubs that were not able to contribute this past year. With the 2:1 matching dollars provided by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation still pending on finals, our internal polio fundraising efforts with some creative programming with the Paul Harris Society, have turned into a possible 1 million dollars toward the eradication of polio. As a reminder for the very first time two years ago, District Designated Funds (DDF) will be matched $1 to $1 by The Rotary Foundation's World Fund and $2 to $1 by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (resulting in a 6X multiplier of your DDF) when donated to Rotary's Global Polio eradication effort! We met both our club goals and our Big West Zone aspirational goal. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF OUR 5450 ROTARIANS AND CLUBS!
Rotary’s Worldwide 2022-23 Rotary Year Polio Fundraising Goal is $150 Million – including the Gates Foundation $2 to $1 Match that continues and is so important now during this transition time.

HELP WANTED! The D5450 Rotary Scholars Committee is looking for some new scholarship recruitment, sponsorship, and committee members. For just a small amount of your generous time each Rotary year, you can help change the world by guiding scholars, to our Rotary program, which focuses on high-level graduate work in the seven Rotary Areas of Focus. Click Here for more information on the program and to join our active Rotary committee.  

POLIO PLUS UPDATE AUGUST 2022 - WILD POLIO VIRUS, TYPE 1 (WPV1) – for the second week in a row, no new cases of the Wild Polio Virus this last week. There have been 13 total number of cases of WPV1 that have occurred in 2022 year-to-date. Unfortunately, there was one Wild Positive Environmental Sample (ES) reported this last week in Pakistan, which brings the total count of wild ES for 2022 to five, four from Pakistan and one from Afghanistan.
CIRCULATING VACCINE-DERIVED POLIO - Our other battlefront in the war on polio, the circulating Vaccine-Derived Polio (cVDPV) reported a total of 9 cases last week compared to 8 the week before, bringing the total 2022 count to 173, compared to 139 last year at this time. Click Here to read more...

PAUL HARRIS SOCIETY (PHS) MEMBERSHIP UPDATE: The Paul Harris Society has grown significantly since it became an official Foundation recognition program in 2013-14. The Paul Harris Society recognizes Rotary members and friends of The Rotary Foundation who elect to contribute $1,000 or more each year to the Annual Fund, PolioPlus Fund, or approved global grants. Society members make up a vital community of leaders whose contributions account for nearly 21 percent of the donations to The Rotary Foundation's Annual Fund and over 20 percent of donations to the Foundation overall. This support allows The Rotary Foundation to fund extraordinary projects and activities in your local community and around the globe. Click Here to read more...

GRANTS MANAGEMENT UPDATE: Thank you 5450 Rotarians for attendance this past month at our annual grants 5450 club qualification training. As a reminder continue to send in your memorandums of understanding documentation and your final 990 submittals as you can this month. Up-to-date lists for clubs that are qualified can always be found at the district website:
We have a great grants review team with great experience to support you in 2022-2023, so reach out and say hello when you can. Our team is ready to help and guide your project's success! is the team’s email address.

RAISE FOR ROTARY UNVEILS ENHANCEMENTS: Raise for Rotary, The Rotary Foundation’s peer-to-peer fundraising tool, is marking the completion of its second year by unveiling new enhancements, including the ability for clubs to earn credit for donations made by nonmembers.  Over the past two years, we have been working to enhance Raise for Rotary, in response to user feedback. The site's latest update allows clubs to earn credit for donations made by nonmembers. This enhancement recognizes fundraiser organizers for their hard work and encourages them to reach out beyond their Rotary networks for support. Click Here to read more...

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