When I joined the District Governor line a few years back, some past District Governors advised me to prepare and look forward to the DG visits. I did not understand why they were making a fuss about the visits, but they all insisted it was the highlight of their service year. We are here now, and I've begun my rounds of visits to Clubs within the District. It has been a blend of multi-Club visits via Area assemblies and single Club events. Though each event has been unique in its program, they all showcased the synergistic relationships between our Clubs and their host communities.
My visit to the Rotary Club of Grand Lake coincided with a special event for the Club, a farewell fellowship for two veteran members, Larry Bacon and Bonnie Severson. In addition to the Club members, some city officials, including the mayor, were in attendance. I listened to member after member extolling the service records of Larry and Bonnie. The mayor, in his speech, recognized Larry and Bonnie for their long volunteer service to the city, especially to the park service. He also noted the impact the Club has had within the community over the years and the wonderful synergistic relationship between the city government and the Club. Sitting right there in that room, learning of the impact of Rotarians in this Club, especially Bonnie and Larry, I began to understand the proclamation of those who came before me that the Governor's visit was the highlight of their service year. To Larry, Bonnie, and all the wonderful Rotarians I have had the privilege of meeting in my visits . . . I thank you for your service . . . Daalu nu!
On August 27, I joined Rotarians from across our District for a membership summit at the Red Rocks Community College. The summit was quite interactive and a shared learning experience for all who attended. For example, Rotarians from several Clubs shared different variations of the popular membership onboarding program (Red Badge) being applied in their Club. I learned about different membership activation and retention strategies being applied in our Clubs. The most important lesson I learned from the summit and my visits so far is that each Club must continually adapt to its community and current membership. 
We have District Designated Funds (DDF) available to help extend the service you provide in your communities, local and international. These funds were generously donated by you and others in District 5450. I encourage you and your Clubs to take advantage of these funds to increase the impact of your projects by applying for District and Global Grants. The District Grants Team is on hand to provide guidance where needed. You can reach out to the team by emailing
Join in for the second annual Rotary-Peace Corps Week, 19-23 September. The celebration is hosted by Partnering for Peace, a group of Rotary members and returned Peace Corps volunteers who are passionate about the impact we can have through Rotary’s official partnership with the Peace CorpsClick Here to read more.

FIVE ATTRIBUTES OF SUCCESSFUL & AGILE CLUBS - Have you ever wondered why some clubs seem to thrive under any circumstances, even during the pandemic? There’s no secret formula for club success, but clubs that are vibrant and growing do have several things in common. Click Here to view this webinar recorded August 24, 2022.

It's time to update your look: IMAGINE ROTARY
Click Here to download the new theme logo, view a webinar on how to update your ClubRunner website with the current theme logo, Rotary Masterbrand and wheel, and more! Remember to update your Facebook page too.

THE MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE IS HOLDING NEW CLUB INFORMATIONAL SESSIONS twice a month about how to start a service-oriented club. Do you know service-minded people who haven't yet found Rotary? Maybe starting a new club is for them! Contact Charlotte Roehm for more information. 

JOIN THE DISTRICT'S ONLINE DIRECTORY & DO BUSINESS WITH OTHER ROTARIANS! Register now for only $5 per year! Let other Rotarians know how to reach you! - learn more and read about the features: Get details HERE...

Boulder Valley Club President John Kenyon gives his thoughts and perspectives on the resurgence of polio in the United States after being Polio free since the early sixties. Having participated in National Immunization Day (NID) campaigns in India to inoculate millions of children, John has a unique message to all Rotarians in our District. Click Here to read John's story.

Post your story on your club's website or Facebook page, and then send the link to Doing so will give your club more exposure - readers will see the story on your club's site, which will let them know more about your club and members.
The Rotary Foundation Mission (7/2021): The Rotary Foundation helps Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace by improving health, providing quality education, improving the environment, and alleviating poverty. Click the links below to read the full stories...

POLIOVIRUS DETECTED IN THE U.S. - Have you been getting questions about the recent polio case in New York? Do you know how to answer those questions? The first case of paralytic polio in the United States since 2013 was recently identified in the greater New York City area. It occurred in a young adult who had never been vaccinated against polio and lives in an area with very low vaccination rates. Genetic testing on the poliovirus causing his paralysis showed it was a circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus (cVDPV) Type 2 that is similar to the virus that has also been found in the sewage in London and to the virus that has been circulating in Jerusalem. 
The poliovirus causing this young man’s paralysis was imported from somewhere in the world where the oral polio vaccine has been used because the United States and most of the developed world stopped using the oral polio vaccine over 20 years ago. This demonstrates the truth of the sayings, “As long as polio exists anywhere, it is a threat everywhere” or “Polio is only one plane ride away”.  Click Here to read more and learn how to answer polio questions.

WORLD POLIO DAY is Monday, October 24, 2022
The District 5450 Polio Committee has members who are willing to attend one of your club meetings in-person or via Zoom in October or later, to do a presentation about the current status of Rotary’s efforts to eradicate polio, why we need to continue the work, and answer your questions. You can read information about each speaker by clicking on “Foundation” on the District’s home page and then clicking on “polio eradication."                                                                     

Last Rotary year 2021-2022, the Rotarians in District 5450 had hearts ringing while dancing the night away with The Rotary Foundation, our foundation, and our numbers reflect the giving hitting a recent 5-year plus record including Polio Plus giving, overall giving, per person/capita giving, Paul Harris Society membership, and major donors. Click Here to read how you helped impact the world! 

Rotary Foundation Program Highlight - SCHOLARSHIPS: The Rotary Foundation and clubs invest in our future leaders and philanthropists by funding scholarships for undergraduate and graduate study. Learn about the types of scholarships available, and what to do if you want to offer a scholarship. Click here to read more.

GRANTS MANAGEMENT UPDATE: As a reminder, continue to send in your memorandums of understanding documentation and your final 990 submittals as you can this month. Up-to-date lists for clubs that are qualified can always be found at the District website grants page.
We have a great grants review team with great experience to support you in 2022-2023, so reach out and say hello when you can. Our team is ready to help and guide your project's success! is the team’s email address.

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