Posted by Gail Lehrmann (Parker)
Why do Rotarians give to The Rotary Foundation’s endowment program? We know that many donors cringe at the idea that their donations are going to anything besides delivery of services, so why would somebody give money that purposely is not going to be spent? Well, endowment opportunities give donors a strong reason to contribute to The Rotary Foundation…one that is very serious about planning for the future. But there is a primary reason about “the future” that motivates donors to contribute to endowment.
The idea of perpetuity is the key for decision-makers. Many Rotarians want the good humanitarian work that Rotary does for people around the world to continue forever. The impulse for some part of us to live on forever isn’t a negative one—some say it is comes naturally. When we give contributions to Rotary’s Annual Fund or PolioPlus or one of six area of focus, we get a warm glow from knowing that the money is going to be used soon to further our charitable mission. When we give contributions to endowment, we experience the glow of perpetuity. Our money will undergird The Rotary Foundation long after we are gone. That’s a powerful motivator!
So, The Rotary Foundation’s endowment program is built through the union of organizational commitment to building an investment reserve and a relationship with Rotarians who believe that this is a sound investment in the future for our community, for the world, and for ourselves. The result is an endowment large enough to generate investment income that can be used for a variety of humanitarian purposes.
Are you planning for the future of Rotary? Are you committed to leaving a legacy? Have you talked to your advisors about becoming a Benefactor (leaving an unspecified gift) or joining the Bequest Society (reporting a gift of $10,000 or more) to The Rotary Foundation? See the attached information for more details.  See the attached brochure to join the Bequest Society.
For more information, please contact Gail Lehrmann (, District 5450 Foundation Chair.