Posted by Michelle Rea-Meredith (Northglenn Thornton)
The Rotary Club of Northglenn-Thornton has for many of years conducted an annual food drive to help our neighbors in the Northglenn and Thornton areas. Every year the club selects four food banks, two in Northglenn and two in Thornton. This drive is conducted typically in mid-February through the beginning of April when the food banks are in the need the most.
In 2017, the club had a record year in collecting nearly $10,000 in non-perishables and cash donations with the help of a matching grant from District, community partners, and our wonderful members. The food drive runs about six weeks with members collecting nonperishables. We should mention that not only do we enjoy helping our neighbors in need, but we don’t forget their four-legged family members either.
We enjoy cash donations because we go shopping to ensure we are getting nutrient based foods, along with good staples, such as rice, pasta, etc. to support a healthy diet.
Once we collect the food and shop, then it is time to prepare for delivery. We begin with sorting the food. When sorted we then equally distribute the food onto eight pallets. Then each pallet needs to be prepared for delivery. The key is to have the pallets go on the truck in such a way that the first delivery has two pallets easily accessible, then stop two and so on.
The best part happens when we reach our designation. The food bank’s shelves are empty, the food bank volunteers are overjoyed with the amount of food we are donating, and we get the feeling that we just did something that warmed our hearts.
Each of our members contributed in some way. For instance, some collected non-perishables each week, another member provided a truck and a driver, while another member provided a warehouse. Then there was grant writing and donations someone had to keep on top of to ensure we received the dollars needed to go shopping. Let’s not forget the muscles that our members put into sorting, loading, and delivering boxes and boxes of food. You know, the crazy thing is the Rotary Club of Northglenn/Thornton members are looking forward to “playing it again Sam” in 2018, and that is why this project was a success.
For more information on how to conduct a well-organized food drive feel free to contact Michelle Rea-Meredith at
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