Whether a club is newer or “vintage”, as some of our 100-year-old clubs are, one of the fastest ways to exclude a new member is to wax nostalgic about activities from the past.  When you look back on the past and wish that things were the same, wanting to restore things to the way they were. You get it.  But when you look back fondly, perhaps with pride, and then step fully into today, then it’s reflective.
While new members may make their selection to join your club based on your past achievements and activities, they can’t travel back with you.  Stay alert to their readiness to move forward with the club. Look over your shoulder to the past and you may stumble. This holds true for retention of your current members as well.  Inclusion is the goal, especially inclusion in our exciting futures.
For more membership ideas, contact District Membership Chair Lynn Perez-Hewitt