It’s Flu Season! Have You Received Your Vaccine?
Last year only 45% of Coloradans received their vaccination. Although it is recommended for everyone over 6 months of age, older adults are especially at risk of becoming very ill or dying. Charges to treat flu in Colorado last year totaled over $367 million, with $264 million in charges to treat the 4,753 people who were hospitalized with flu, and $103 million to treat the 20,550 people who visited an Emergency Department due to flu. This does not include the $11 million in lost wages and productivity.
Despite a recent nationwide outbreak of measles resulting in the highest number of cases in nearly 30 years and a growing Hepatitis A outbreak in Colorado, Colorado’s vaccination rates continue to lag. The implications for health and safety in Colorado’s schools and child care centers are frightening.  In 2018, only 87% of Colorado kindergarteners were fully vaccinated against measles - down from 89% in 2017. Our kindergarten exemption rates to school-required vaccines remain one of the highest in the nation at nearly five percent.  Among exemptions across all ages, 89% are for personal belief reasons, 7% are for religious reasons, and 3-5% are for medical reasons.
Dr. Mike Hitchcock (University Hills Rotarian) and Nan Jarvis (Mountain Foothills) have been speaking to clubs about the situation in Colorado and what we can do to protect our own families and businesses.
For information contact Nan at or 303-242-2615.