Do You Have a Polio or Immunization Story to Tell?
Have you had a direct experience with a vaccine-preventable disease?  As Rotarians, our mission to eradicate the world of polio makes us important spokespersons for helping community members, especially those too young to have any experience with polio or other vaccine-preventable diseases, to understand how dreaded these diseases used to be.  Stories have power.  In Colorado, our low immunization rates put our population - including infants too young to be fully immunized and seniors with less robust immune systems - at risk for dangerous, and sometimes deadly diseases. 
There are many ways your personal story can influence change.  Our own Dave Talbot, Crutches 4 Africa, has shared his experience with polio to effect change and awareness throughout the Rotary World.  Whether your personal story convinces a friend to vaccinate their newborn, or provides support for others with sad or difficult experiences of loss, your experiences are important to share.
Please contact our District Maternal & Child Health Chair for more information:Nan Jarvis, 303-242-2615,