Posted by DG Abbas Rajabi (Denver Southeast)
As we approach the hour of our District Celebration, I am honored and excited to walk alongside our District and my fellow Rotarians in the spirit of celebration. Rotarians have so much to celebrate! Some of the extraordinary work we have done as Rotarians includes: the vaccination of 2.6 billion children against Polio, millions and millions of hours donated to service, the constant and ever growing network of Rotarians that enthusiastically helps the world, peacemaking initiatives – big and small, awareness projects related to physical and mental health, attention to children’s literacy, a focus on water and access to clean water. Indeed, Rotary has much to celebrate.
Each of our clubs has so many projects that should be a point of pride for all of us. While we continue to push forward, as spring brings new life and energy, I encourage each of the clubs in this District to take a moment to celebrate all you have done to serve your community. I urge you all to stand alongside me in congratulating our District on service and on being a part of a local, district, and global family of Rotarians.
We hear often that we live in polarizing times. Our country is frequently decried as politically divided. In Rotary, our politics sit outside the door and our connections build on a desire to build strong communities, to foster service and good will, and to transcend politics to focus on actionable, tangible projects that help our communities thrive. In May, at our District Celebration, we will join together to remember what it is that makes Rotary so special. We will share our success and brainstorm for our future.
When I stop to think about what it is that makes me want to shout from the rooftops about Rotary it is the sense of connection I have with my fellow Rotarians and the communities I help. When I ask my fellow Rotarians what they celebrate in Rotary, they tell me:
  • I celebrate the connections made by being a Rotarian.
  • I celebrate the connections with my club members I might never have met.
  • I celebrate the connections to community projects and global projects, the connections to the people involved in the projects; seeing the difference Rotarians make in the lives of the people served.
  • I celebrate the connections to incredible dedicated folks serving in roles at the District level, not  only seeing what they do for Rotary but seeing the support they give others.
All of the connections inspire me to be a better Rotarian, a better person, a better leader. Now I want to pass it on and be the inspiration to others.
I invite you to stand up in your club this month and declare what you celebrate each time you attend a Rotary meeting, serve a Rotary project, or work on Rotary service, and then come share with us at the District Celebration in May! Let’s honor Rotary and one another. Click here to learn more.
And while you are there, share another part of your life with us. Do you own a business? Would you like to share your story with other Rotarians and also learn about their businesses? Join us for the first ever Business Expo at this year's District Celebration. Click here to learn more. 
Yours in Rotary,
Abbas Rajabi, District Governor