The Founding Fathers cited “education is the way to create an educated and virtuous citizenry.” According to Gallup polling, 90 percent of adults support the teaching in public schools of honesty, acceptance of others, and moral courage, among other character traits. The famous 4-way Test (as adapted in the PSP to Four Awesome Questions) is a proven, simple but profound ethical test that develops habits of moral reasoning.
Just as the 4-way Test proved itself over many years, so also the Peaceful Schools Program has proved itself in recent years. We believe kids are good. Good kids need a chance. Most schools today do not teach ethics. And our program does.
The Peaceful Schools Program is currently in 30 schools. Our aim is to double that number this year. This is the perfect program for our Rotary district to integrate and grow our community relationship with our local schools. It is a great opportunity to mentor your club’s Interact students. By teaching this program to Interact students, you deepen your relationship with them, teach how to present the Four-Way Test curriculum which incorporates leadership skills and creates a fun way to learn and discuss ethical principles. In such a divisive time in the United States, this is a perfect club program that distinguishes Rotary and is inexpensive to deliver.
The Peaceful Schools Program has received numerous valuable testimonials. Below is one received from a high school teacher who coordinates an Interact Club of students who taught the Peaceful Schools curriculum to elementary school kids.
“The Peaceful Schools program facilitated connections between our students at D’Evelyn and the nearby students of Pfeiffer elementary that benefited both groups tremendously. Our students were challenged as leaders, mentors, and facilitators of younger students in both academic literacy skills and real world skills of emotional intelligence, empathy and critical thought. Our kids modeled depth of thought, character, and ethics as they lead younger students in their reading and exploration of the text selections. These moments of shared experience created rich, authentic opportunities for mentorship and leadership for our kids and they can’t wait to work with new students this year. We so enjoyed being part of this incredible (and fun) opportunity!”
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