Posted by Lynn Perez-Hewitt (Littleton)
When asked the secret of his success, a renowned fisherman said, "Use the bait they like, not the bait you like."
So simple and still profound. And how revealing of our human condition. We use what we like. We talk about what we know and like. We share what we care about. And the opening to listen, not only to prospects, but to our members, closes a little.
Did you know we lose most of our members in their first three years and many in their first year? Why is that? I think it's because we keep offering the bait WE like.
The challenge we all have, no matter how long we've been in Rotary, or in our club, is to keep listening with fresh ears to our members. Are we using the bait they like?  And with our long-time members, notice if something has changed: aging parents; kids leave; grandchildren arrive; these are big changes and can have a huge impact. Are we paying attention?
In just a few short months this Rotary year ends and a new one begins. And our topic remains recruitment and retention. We say these two words a lot. And neither are simple, or easy.
Who said it would be easy?!
Our District Celebration is May 19th. We'll be announcing clubs with outstanding achievements in many areas, especially membership. Keep up the good work and stay tuned.