Posted by Lynn Perez-Hewitt (Littleton)
It wasn’t quite Mother’s Day yet, but for one Rotary Mom it was indeed Mother’s Day on April 17th in Littleton. Rotarian Diana Doyle proudly watched as her son Douglas County Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Doyle received the club’s first ever Vocational Service Award.
28-year-old Michael, a Sheriff’s Deputy since 2013, was one of four first responders to report to what would be a deadly shooting on December 31, 2017. Deputy Doyle and three others survived the tragedy while one Deputy lost his life.
In presenting the award President Belinda Bianchi noted that, “Too often these events are lost in the "here today, gone tomorrow" coverage of the media. Rotarians embrace their motto “Service Above Self” in the same manner that those men and women serving in our law enforcement and fire agencies do on a daily basis. In recognition of that selfless service in helping provide a safe living environment for us all, the Littleton Rotary Club presents Deputy Doyle, as representative of all involved in the tragic incident, with Rotary's Vocational Service Award.”
She further stated, “Deputy Doyle is here this evening to receive recognition not so much for his involvement the incident, but rather in recognition of his service to society through his vocational service. Too often communities take for granted the daily services performed by the men and women who comprise our “safety nets”; the police and fire personal who daily put their lives on the line for the safety of all. …On behalf of the Rotary Club of Littleton and a grateful community, we hereby award you the Rotary Vocational Service Award for your faithful service to your profession.”
Doyle graduated from the Law Enforcement Academy, at, Arapahoe Community College in December 2011. Earlier that year he had earned a BS degree in Psychology from Colorado State University. Between graduation and Douglas County, Deputy Doyle was a security officer at St. Anthony’s Hospital in Lakewood.