Satellites have been launched by a host club in order to reach a group or demographic that have been hard to reach for a variety of reasons. These members are fully fledged members of the host club who just happen to meet at a different time, place and oftentimes with less frequency. More often than not, satellites have lower quarterly dues which is one of the draws to many non Rotarians and offers increased flexibility.
Any Rotary club in District 5450 who is merely contemplating or exploring forming a Satellite is required to complete an online form by clicking here. At that point, our Satellite Liaison will reach out to the club and start being a resource for the Rotary club.
Satellites have the following area of focus from which they grow their membership:
  • Younger professionals (ranging from first job to more established professionals, mostly up to age 40)
  • Workplace
  • Struggling Rotary club that grows strong by being part of another club
  • Geography
  • Time-based
There is a Satellite Liaison on the District Membership Team, Mary Kay Hasz, to whom all inquiries should be directed from clubs exploring the idea of forming a Satellite as well as from host clubs with a satellite who would like to reach out to us.
On May 31, 2011 the Boulder Rotary Club launched a  Rotary International program (one of only 200 clubs worldwide) that has a focus on the new generation demographic or what some may think of as young professionals. The Boulder New Generations Rotary Club (BNGRC) became the first in our district to explore and launch a satellite.Our District 5450 has seen a lot of activity in the realm of satellites. Only the BNGRC is a satellite club, while the other satellites that have launched are referred to as Satellites.
On November 10, 2014 the first ever Satellite Summit was held in order to share best practices of existing satellites and provide information to clubs considering the satellite initiative. Click here for recap notes from the Summit.
If your club wants to learn more about satellites, please email us at