D5450 Membership Center                                     

Welcome to the District 5450 Membership Development center.  Here you will find, on an ongoing basis, a wealth of information about membership topics and resources of interest to you. 

Our District Membership Team (DMT) has ONE primary mission: In order to grow and fortify our clubs, we must ensure that our existing and future members are engaged and involved. This will help us Close The Back Door on member loss and open a window for attracting new members with fresh ideas and energy.

In the past membership in Rotary was traditionally by invitation only.  However, with the help of technology, an increasing amount of prospective members have found clubs in our District 5450 by browsing the Internet and social media and then contacting the club for more information. We must understand that future Rotarians, especially those who are younger, will not always use the traditional modes for finding Rotary and will use social media as well as personal and professional friendships to guide them to Rotary.

And, to add another level of flexibility, our District supports the formation and launch of a Satellite or additional meeting time by a Rotary club. You can learn more about Satellites by clicking here. If your club wants to explore forming a Satellite, click here to complete a required form that is before moving forward.

This Membership Center will provide information to Membership Chairs and club leadership about the 6 Phases Of Membership: Attracting New Members, Vetting of Prospective Members, New Member Induction & Orientation, Engagement & Service, Leadership & Development and Departure.

Watch this video featuring Debra Fine, Past President of the Denver Southeast Rotary Club as she talks about Rotary and all the wonderful things that members do to contribute to the local and international communities.

Bonus 1: Go to Downloadable Files (bottom left of this page) and read the information and insights provided.
Bonus 2: Click here to watch a video of our 2012 Membership Seminar's guest speaker, Katie Ehlis, on the New Generation of Rotarians!

To find a Rotary Club near you, click on Clubs And Meeting Days.  Contact the club and explain that you are interested in knowing more about Rotary and that you would like to attend a club meeting.  The club will take it from there and welcome you as a visitor.  It's that simple.



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