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The Peace and Conflict Resolution Committee, through our partnerships with several leading universities, help Rotary Peace Fellows develop the skills to strengthen peace efforts, train local leaders to prevent and mediate conflict, and support long-term peace building in areas affected by conflict. We provide up to 100 peace fellowships per year at Rotary Peace Centers.  Today, 42 million people are displaced by armed conflict or persecution.
Chair:  Carole Baumbusch, 

The Peaceful Schools Program promotes and supports safe, respectful, bully-free environments for our children and youth. This simple but powerful program helps our children and youth learn valuable social and emotional behaviors and skills that will help them succeed not only in school, but in life.

Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution (PCPR) Discussion Group

Rotarian M.D. Kinoti from Westminster 7:10 Club is co-facilitating a Rotary International Cadre discussion group on Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution (PCPR) for the next 6 months. This forum is for members to discuss PCPR project planning and implementation, and for Rotarians to seek PCPR expertise. If interested, please join the discussion at