Irene Kelly
District Governor
Rotary International District 5950
Welcome to District 5950, Central Western Minnesota! 
What an honor to serve as the 5950 District Governor; I am truly blessed! 
Since this journey began in October 2015, my eyes have been opened to the greater Rotary world.  As a member of your club (or someone who has not chosen to become a Rotarian, yet), I encourage you to look at all the wonderful work Rotarians have accomplished around the world. 
Rotary has served as a champion to eradicate Polio since 1985 and been a significant force in fund raising and administering inoculations.  We are very close to a Polio free world! 
Clean water is a worldwide problem that Rotary clubs have tackled.   Clubs in District 5950 have been leaders in drilling wells in Africa and Central America.  One mother expressed gratitude for a well in Haiti when she said, “they drilled the wells and the children stopped dying”. 
Peace eludes so much of the world.  Rotary promotes world peace through its consultative role at the UN, building bridges with international student and friendship exchanges and grants to support peace efforts.  A cadre of Peace Fellows study annually in preparation for peace building work.  District 5950 has had 8 successful candidates who now work in national and global positions in leadership for peace.
All this … and more … is possible because of generous donors to The Rotary Foundation rated as one of the premier foundations in the world by several independent sources.  Dollars contributed support the good works of Rotarians around the world.  5950 Rotary club members, you are among the most generous contributors in the world; I’m very proud of each of you!    
Rotarians join together to share ideas and take action.  The 1.2 million global members are community leaders who identify needs in their community and the world, problem solve to address them and act to solve them.  We are PEOPLE of ACTION!    
I’m honored to be one of over 2,700 Rotarians in District 5950 who take action!  I’m one of you … with the honor to serve as your District Governor in 2018-2019.