Going Hybrid!!!
In-Person/Zoom Meeting Training, Small and Large Meeting Tech Set-up Videos and Support Documents
District 5950 held an in depth, one-hour Going Hybrid Training in-person/Zoom hybrid meeting to teach, train and model the hybrid approach to running effective meetings. We’ve created support documents and an equipment Buying Guide to download along with several short, comprehensive “How to do the Tech Set-Up” videos for both small and large meetings. Links for all these resources are on this page! Gain the confidence, knowledge and technical resources to jump-start your hybrid meetings.
In the Going Hybrid Training, join trainers John Crudele (2019-20 Past President, Eden Prairie AM), Bridget Hallstrom (Membership Director, Rotary Club of Edina & Certified Dale Carnegie Trainer) and Jewelie Grape (5950 District Trainer & 2019-20 Past President, Minneapolis City of Lakes Rotary Club) along with a panel of three Club Presidents who are running successful Hybrid meetings. See and experience how to conduct an effective Zoom/in-person hybrid meeting. The training resources include:
  • The “why and how” of hybrid meetings
  • A clear overview of the technical requirements to host your club's hybrid meetings
  • Counsel from a panel of three Club Presidents who have adopted hybrid meetings
  • Q&A Notes from live training session
Watch the full training video!
Also watch the ‘How to do the Tech Setup” videos. These short videos describe and demonstrate the specifics of for both small and large club meetings. We anticipate several more will be added, as more questions, comments and best practices are revealed.
As clubs continue to adapt to the ever-changing environment, many are finding a need to learn new skills to address club meeting flexibility, engagement, and retention. Some members are ready to meet in person. Others wish to meet by Zoom. Can we honor both and meet in-person and by Zoom at the same time? Yes we can!
In the video below, John Crudele will guide you in seeing and experiencing how to run effective in-person/Zoom hybrid meetings.
Check back often and share with your club leadership and tech teams. We will post new information, how to do the tech videos and resources, as they become available.