Global Grants $1 Million Special Funds
We are excited to share news that our District has received an anonymous gift of $1 million to be used to help support international projects initiated by clubs in District 5950!
This anonymous and extremely generous donation comes from a Rotarian in our District who understands the power we have as Rotarians to leverage The Rotary Foundation to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate in our global community.  
The purpose of the gift is to support international projects over and above funding from clubs, the District, The Rotary Foundation and any collaborating partners as follows:   
  • $333,334 for projects in the ‘Water and Sanitation’ area of focus
  • $333,333 for projects in the ‘Disease Prevention and Treatment’ area of focus
  • $333,333 for projects in the ‘Maternal and Child Health’ area of focus
Our clubs must initiate grants in the areas identified above and in accordance with current Rotary Foundation guidelines for grants.  The donors also prefer that their gift leverage other financial support, in addition to supplementing the funds raised by Rotary clubs, Districts, The Rotary Foundation and collaborating partners through the normal Global Grant process.  
A special committee has been appointed to oversee this fund:
Jim Nelson, Past-District Governor, City of Lakes Rotary; 1-yr. term
Tim Murphy – District Governor, Rotary Club of Edina; 2-yr term
Mark Hegstrom – District Governor-Elect, Edina Morningside Rotary; 3-yr term
Bob Halagan – District Governor-Nominee, Buffalo Rotary; 4-yr term
Don Stiles – District Rotary Foundation Chair-Elect, Bloomington Rotary; 4-yr term
Sandy Schley – District Rotary Foundation Chair, Rotary Club of Edina; 1-yr term
Jeff Ohe – Committee Chair; Assistant Governor Area 3, District Assistant Governor Coordinator, Rotary Club of Edina;
Term:  Until funds are depleted and projects/reporting completed.
The committee will consider grants received by the 5th of each month at their regular meetings held prior to the 15th of the month.  Those grants that meet the criteria of this gift will be forwarded to the Chair of the Global Grants Committee, Todd Bollig of the Rotary Club of Eden Prairie Noon, for review, approval, and recommendation to The Rotary Foundation. 
The project must focus on one of the 3 areas listed above and meet the current $35,000 minimum Global Grant criteria.
Club funds: (Can be accumulated by multiple clubs or 3rd parties)      $10,000
District Match:   $1 for $1                                                               $10,000
TRF Award: ($1 for $1 of District match & $.50 to $1 on club dollars)  $15,000
Total:  (minimum TRF Global Grant)                                                 $35,000
Special fund match: (Up to 100%-or in this case $35,000)                  $35,000
Total Project                                                                                  $70,000
This gift gives clubs an opportunity to increase the size of grants, potentially doubling them, and creating an international project with larger impact. These special fund dollars are an add-on only after all normal global grant criteria has been met as established by The Rotary Foundation and cannot be used as ‘club funds’.
Funds will be distributed on a first come-first serve basis until the money is depleted. For those that want to be considered for the match by the 15th of each month, they should contact Jeff Ohe via email or phone at 612-859-2726 and submit their grant materials by the 5th of the month.
If you have questions, please contact me or one of the members of the committee.
We in District 5950 have an unprecedented opportunity to Be a Gift to the World and I look forward to hearing from you and seeing the difference our District’s Rotarians will make in the world!
In Rotary Service,
Jeff Ohe
Chair – On behalf of the Committee
Assistant Governor Area 3
District 5950 AG Coordinator 2015-2016
Rotary Club of Edina President 2014-2015