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Be at the table...and reach 50.3%

The percentage of women in the population in Minnesota is 50.3%. There is no good reason why District 5950's membership is not also 50.3% female. District leadership has set that as our goal for membership in the next three years. We are asking all of our clubs to focus on female membership, and to find female leaders in your communities who are already Rotarians in spirit.
How do you do that? Be intentional.Think about the women in your community who are natural Rotarians and invite them to visit your club. Look for the women who are leaders of the school board, the hospital board, church organizations, local businesses, local community organizations, and numerous other organizations that lead and serve in your community. Let them know that your club is making a conscious effort to reach 50.3% female membership.
It is important to recognize that this is a men’s issue, not a women’s issue. It is up to the men in our clubs to create an atmosphere that is inviting and engaging for the women in their community. It is not enough to simply ask female leaders to join you for lunch; look at what you do and how you do it. Does your club engage in service that is meaningful to the women in your community?
Let's all be at the table for issues like 50.3% membership, opioid abuse, human trafficking, and youth homelessness.
Thanks for all you do for Rotary!
--DG Bob

Don't miss One Rotary Summit on September 15

Are you a person with leadership skills? Do you share your ideas in your Rotary Club? Are you a person of action? Then you should come to One Rotary Summit. You will learn how membership, public image, humanitarian service and supporting your Rotary Foundation work together in Making a Difference in your local community. 
You will meet fellow District 5950 Rotarians who have similar interests in being a "Person of Action" -- which is an exciting phrase to use in sharing about your Rotary efforts You will take home ideas that have worked or will be worthy of trying in this and in future years. Don't miss this event. There will be breakfast, lunch and beverages to fuel you to be fired up! Questions? Please call Tom Gump at (612) 770-8389.
Participate in a new format of case-study.
What:      One Rotary Summit (ORS)
Where:    Earle Brown Heritage Center
When:     Friday, September 15, 2017
From:      8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. (Breakfast buffet and box lunch provided)
Charge:  Free for all Rotary members!  (Funded by club training fee)

Apply now to be DG in 2020-21

District 5950's nominating committee seeks qualified District Governor candidates recommended and endorsed by their clubs. Candidates may self-nominate by completing and submitting the District Governor Nomination form. The application deadline is in September. If you have questions, please email me at

“I Asked” board tracks membership goals

DG Bob Halagan’s goal is 50.3% female membership in District 5950. How will you increase the percentage female membership in your club? What are your goals? How will you measure, track, and report those goals? How will you recognize and thank membership champions? How many prospective members will attend a club meeting, service project, or fellowship event this year?
One idea is the “I Asked” board. Print the “I Asked” template on 11”x17” heavy  paper. Every time a club member brings a female prospective member to a club meeting put a gold sticker in the box to the right of the name, and for a male prospective member put a blue sticker to the right of the name. Display the board regularly at your club meeting. Recognize and thank club members who are sharing their Rotary stories with others and inviting them to come to a meeting or event.
My club’s contest awarded two points for a female prospective member and one point for a male prospective member. The winner ordered any meal desired off the restaurant menu at a weekly meeting.

Apply to be the next global scholar

District 5950 will provide funding for up to two Global
Grant Scholarships for qualified applicants for Graduate Study Abroad beginning Fall 2018. For further information, download
 Scholarship Terms and Conditions and 
Scholarship Application. Applications are due on September 30, 2017.
Pictured are 2016 Global Scholarship winners Thomas
Bird and Amal Gani who will study in the UK and the Netherlands, respectively. They are pictured with District 5950 Foundation Chair Don Stiles.

10 tips to attract and retain quality members

Note: Rotary International is publishing this article in their monthly blog.
During the 2016-17 Rotary year, my Rotary club recruited 31 new members. Eleven are women and eight are under 40 years of age. The club moved from 68 members to 94 members in just over nine months. How did this happen? 
  1. Know your club’s strengths. If you meet in the morning, you will probably be a good fit for a 9-to-5 employee. Meeting at noon is more likely to appeal to retirees or parents of school-age children. If a prospect’s schedule doesn’t fit your format, recommend him/her to another club. Let all the clubs in your area know you are looking for members; they may send you someone whose schedule fits your format better than their own.
  2. Keep a list of potential recruits. Whether on paper or electronic, a list reminds you of people who may be a fit for your club.
  3. Make recruiting the top priority in your club. You, the club president, can't do everything. Let your members know that recruiting is the top priority so they can all help. New members - with new energy – provide more people raising money for The Rotary Foundation, serving on committees, and inviting additional members to your meetings and fun events.
  4. Create a letter that lists all the great things about your club. List your star members, the advantages of where your club meets, how many members it has, etc. Make sure to tailor the email/letter to a potential member’s priorities.
  5. List potential areas of responsibilities. Potential members will want to know how they can fit in and what opportunities there are for serving.
  6. Be persistent. There will be times that it takes literally a dozen requests to get someone to a meeting. Keep asking. A prospect may come to a meeting, then tell you s/he can't join now or aren’t interested in joining. These are good answers as long as you keep in touch. 
  7. Talk about Rotary wherever you go. At church, temple, work, neighborhood events, family gatherings, parties, etc. You'll be amazed how easy it is after you practice for a while. Getting a lot of “no” answers built my confidence because it didn’t hurt as bad as I expected, and most people were actually happy I asked, even if they said No. It’s always a good time to recruit.
  8. Celebrate when you get a new member. This gets the club excited about getting more members. Our club makes a poster of the individual after s/he has been voted in and we put it in the front of the room at our next meeting and when we induct a new member.
  9. Realize there is no finish line. Even if you are at the size that your club wants to be, there are always reasons people leave. New insights always benefit a club. You're either growing or you're dying.
  10. Be Vibrant. Wear a turkey suit before Thanksgiving. (It’s only your dignity you’re losing!) Wear a lanyard with lots of “flair”/Rotary pins to get people talking to you. Make outrageous centerpieces for your meeting tables because it gets people talking to each other. Greet people outside and hold the door open for them, showing you care.

Human trafficking becomes Rotary's priority project

Human slavery has been identified as such a global issue that Rotary International has identified this as one of the next global initiatives to solve as we get close to celebrating the end of polio.
Many of us have the image of human slavery taking place in other parts of the world. However, it is happening in our own country AND is a significant industry right here in Minnesota. As leaders in our communities, District 5950 has joined with District 5960 to end human trafficking in Minnesota. We are designing a three-year strategy and want your involvement.
What can you do to support this effort?
  • Arrange for a presentation on human trafficking at your weekly meeting.
  • Volunteer to be part of the Big Event, an event increasing awareness of this evil in our community prior to the Super Bowl.
  • Bring your friends to the Big Event.
  • Identify service providers and experts in your community who to attend an Engage Together Summit. Participants will include:
  • law enforcement
  • non-profit service providers who support victims
  • educators (middle- and high school principals, health services and superintendents)
  • faith community (churches and faith-based organizations who address this issue)
  •  business
  • Other community leaders
  • Contact Karen Walkowski ( to request a speaker, or provide names of volunteers or the service providers who should be added to the participant list for the Summit.

Early Bird registration opens for Toronto 2018

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