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Finding solutions in a time of discord

There is so much noise in the air these days about all the things that separate people and isolate us, one from the other. Rotary is guided by four principles that allow people to find a common ground of action regardless of political, religious or cultural differences. I think they are worth keeping in mind when challenged to resolve disputes in these contentious times.
1.  Is it the truth? The core principle of Rotary is adherence to the truth. Getting a commitment to seek the truth is a critical first step in finding common ground. A commitment to speak truthfully and honestly is the first step in creating resolution.
2.  Is it fair to all concerned? Most disputes start because people feel they are not being treated fairly. If an agreement can be reached that everyone should be treated fairly, the next question becomes asking each party what would be fair to the other person. Being fair to all concerned requires people to think outside their own perspective.
3.  Will it be beneficial to all concerned? When thinking about the resolution to a dispute, set the expectation that any resolution will result in both sides knowing that going forward their concerns and issues are being respected and considered.
4.   Will it build goodwill and better friendships? In the end, a good resolution builds healthier relationships. While not everyone is going to be friends in any organization, if everyone can agree to work in a way that results in feelings of respect and a commitment to honest behavior, goodwill is born and friendship is not a far step away. 
Thanks for all you do for Rotary!
--DG Bob

Why apply to be District Governor

Why did I apply to become District Governor? Because I am proud to be part of District 5950; it is a real winner in the Rotary world. The competence and commitment of D5950 members makes the DG job much easier. Being selected to give a year as District Governor of 5950 is an honor and privilege.
I have the highest respect for past District 5950 Governors. While they’ve needed to focus on membership growth and foundation goals to keep our district in strong standing, they have also been inspirational to and supportive of clubs’ service endeavors, locally and around the world. Most importantly, they have been empathetic and encouraging to the passions of the clubs and individual members in the district, placing their own quests for status aside.
I will be successful as District Governor as long as I stay focused on making District 5950 Rotarians as successful and satisfied as they can be in serving others. The work of District Governor will be long, but fun. I look forward to getting to know Rotarians across the district, understanding and helping as many as possible fulfill their passions of service. My career as a CPA was a business of service to clients. Now I consider District 5950 Rotarians my new clients!

ShelterBox responds in hurricane-devastated areas

Rotarians want to support Texans and Floridians affected by recent hurricanes. Here is what ShelterBox is doing.
The latest Texas reports show 100,000 homes affected, 32,000 people forced into community shelters, and more than 1 million students in 244 school districts impacted. A ShelterBox Response Team including Texas-based Response Team members (Rotarians) and ShelterBox USA President Kerri Murray is on the ground in Texas, working with FEMA and other agencies. ShelterBox aid has arrived with blankets, groundsheets, school kits, solar lamps, and hundreds of tents.These tents may be used as privacy tents within shelters, allowing for medical treatment, child care, and a host of other critical options.
A designated fund for ShelterBox's response to the Harvey disaster has been launched.This fund provides support for all costs associated with ShelterBox’s response to Hurricane Harvey.
How can you help now?
  • Donate to the Harvey designated fund where 100% of donations go to the deployment.
  • Inspire community donations by:
    • Featuring a ShelterBox display at your community event. Set up a tent; start a conversation!
    • Use your club’s ShelterBox team page to accept online donations. (It’s already set up.)
    • Engage Interact, Youth Exchange students and other youth groups. Show your community how young Rotarians are people of action!
Please contact me to support your community outreach efforts: Greg Krauska, 612-801-7821 or gkrauska@hotmail.comRead the latest about ShelterBox's response efforts: ShelterBox USA receives Charity Navigator’s highest 4-star rating and is recognized in their list of Charities Providing Assistance in the Wake of Hurricane Harvey.

Plan to celebrate World Polio Day, October 24

At the recent International Convention in Atlanta, we celebrated 100 years of The Rotary Foundation. I watched Bill Gates up his commitment to end polio to $100 million each of the next three years. A cascade of giving from around the world narrowed a three-year $1.5 billion funding gap to $300 million. What an incredible effort you are part of!
Thank you so much for your help thus far! Our work continues and we depend heavily on you to make certain we don't leave any of Bill Gates' matching money on the table!
World Polio Day is October 24th and now is the time to make a plan. Will it be a special push toward a club goal of $1,500? Perhaps prepare a news article for the local paper? A banner across Main Street celebrating the success of the greatest public private health initiative in history? Anything can celebrate the day. 
Your leadership is critical. Whatever your plan, I'm happy to assist with resources, material, high quality photos, promotional ideas and a variety of unique presentations.

Life after (and beyond) the DG role

Bob Halagan was President of the Rotary Club of Buffalo when I was District Governor in 2009-10. I admired his leadership and encouraged his Rotary Career. Now he’s the DG, asking that I share “my Rotary Career after being District Governor”. 
District 5950 keeps Past District Governors on the Board of Directors for three years. My involvement filled a strong desire to pay back the significant investment in leadership development and organizational management that Rotary had made in me.
Then I chaired our district’s TRF Committee during the transitioned known as the Future Vision of The Rotary Foundation – a vision that found District 5950 at the head of the pack for all districts in Zones 28 & 29. In 2016, I represented D5950 on the Council on Legislation, RI’s legislative body. Service Projects – locally (collaboration with the Steve Rummler Hope Foundation to develop a video and community action projects to address the crises of opioid addiction) – and internationally (water & sanitation projects in Central America) have kept me involved at the ground level in my club and in our district.
D5950 is part of Zone 28 which includes Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and part of Canada. I have been a trainer at two Zone Institutes, served on the Nominating Committee that selected Mary Beth Growney-Selene as an RI Director, and worked as the Program Coordinator for the Zone Institute in La Crosse, WI. I am currently our Zone’s Endowment & Major Gifts Advisor.
My philosophy has always been one of developing new leaders – what I referred to when I was Governor as developing a Legacy of Leadership. I continue to serve Rotary because Service Above Self is part of my DNA. I enjoy sharing my life with fellow Rotarians, persons with common values and with whom I have developed deep friendships. My major aspiration now is to encourage others in their Rotary careers. I like being a sounding board, a confidant, a facilitator, an encourager, and an advisor. If I can help you or someone you know on their career path in Rotary, please let me know…I am happy to help!

Toronto 2018: Meet mascot Tori!

Check out TORI, the new mascot welcoming Rotarians to the 2018 Rotary International Conference in Toronto, June 23-27. Register to attend the Convention at Your hotel reservations can also be made from this link.

Apply to be the next global scholar

Our district has an exciting scholarship opportunity for people who are eager to pursue a master’s degree in one of Rotary’s six major areas of focus:
  • Promoting peace
  • Fighting disease
  • Providing clean water
  • Saving mothers and children
  • Supporting education
  • Growing local economies
The academic programs typically include coursework, internships and applied experiences, and research and preparation of a master’s thesis.
Students can receive up to $30,000 to study for one or more years in a country other than the United States, where the institution of study is in a Rotary district. Individual Rotary clubs have no financial commitment; the scholarships are supported by the district and The Rotary Foundation.
Application information and the timeline is on the District website. Applications are due to Rotary clubs by September 15, 2017, for study beginning in fall 2018. Applicants must reside, study, or work (now or in the past) in District 5950. For additional information, contact Ellen Kennedy, chairperson, at  or 952-693-5206. 
This program is in its fourth year in our district. Scholars have studied in Belgium, England, the Netherlands, and Spain. Our 2017 Global Grant Scholars are Thomas Bird and Amal Gani (pictured).

Walk for Water on September 16

You’re invited to help solve the global water crisis while sharing great fellowship with others in the area who support safe water and sanitation around the globe. Twin Cities Walk for Water is Saturday, September 16 at Upper Landing Park, Upper St. Paul. Click on the flyer to get more information.  
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