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March 1, 2017

Rotary Serves Humanity (for 110!)

District 5950 Rotarians,

My wife, Colleen, and I teamed joined volunteers from South Metro Minneapolis Evenings Rotary (SMME) to make and serve dinner for 110 hungry souls at a homeless shelter in a tough part of a south Minneapolis. It was no small feat! Monthly, SMME performs one service project in lieu of a regular meeting.

We were quite the production: five pans of browning meat; cutting stations for onions, garlic and green peppers; and more volunteers combining ingredients with seasonings. The result was 50 pounds of sloppy joe plus veggies, baked beans, chips, fruit and ice cream, all offered in a buffet line.

Recipients were so grateful. Several come through twice and even three times. I realized that they truly did not know where their next meal would come from -- some squirreling away chips and buns for later. It was so sad to see fellow brothers and sisters in such a predicament with no food, shelter or resources. We take much for granted.

Start to finish, 15 of us worked nonstop for five hours. Those who shopped for supplies had already invested four hours. It was a massive undertaking to get enough volunteers, working happily and in unison, to put together this meal.

We were exhausted and needed showers!
But we knew we made a difference to those 110 hungry souls. I was so honored to be a part of the SMME effort that night at a Simpson House, and I am very proud of this energetic and vibrant club.
Service creates club vibrancy. I encourage you to find a project like this to immerse your club in community service and Serving Humanity.

--DG Mark


Wanted: You in a District 5950 role!

All these Rotarians have already said “YES!” to DG-E Bob Halagan’s 2017-18 leadership team. And every committee has room for those who want to step into a District 5950 role. What are your interests? Check out the committee structure and current leaders. Email any of the contacts to get more information.

Meet Russ Michaletz, DG in 2019-20

Drumroll! The District Governor selection committee chose Russ Michaletz (Mpls. City of the Lakes) to begin the three-year track to becoming DG in 2019-20. Russ realized that his past district involvement had already transitioned into future leadership when he was introduced as the District Governor Nominee Designate at DG-E Bob Halagan’s Leadership Training event.
Russ has served District 5950 as auditor, membership chair, and club visioning team member. Now he will lead the district after Irene Kelly’s 2018-19 term. Russ has been a Rotarian for 30 years.

RI President honors 50-year Rotarian

  Bruce Hutchins (center) is holding a congratulatory
  letter signed by RI President John Germ recognizing Bruce’s
  50th anniversary as a Rotarian! Eden Prairie AM president
  Jeanne Zetah (left) invited DG Mark to honor Bruce at a
  recent meeting. 

5950’s Alexa is real, not virtual!

  If you want to know the current temperature at the North Pole, a virtual
 will do.
  But when you arrive at a District 5950 event and want a warm welcome
  and accurate nametag, appreciate that Alexa Rundquist is the new
  administrative staff. Her position is approximately ten hours per week
  supporting Executive Director Carol McDonald. Alexa is a fully-committed
  Rotarian, simultaneously serving as president of the Minnetonka club.

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