On Sept 19, we hatched the idea for the first hybrid Zoom scavenger hunt called The Amazing Race (to end Polio)! in celebration of World Polio Day.  The idea was a hit!  On October 24, World Polio Day, teams of two from all over the District competed against each other to find or do 10 things related to Polio. 


Here’s the list:

1. A social media post of some sort related to our event or Rotary’s fight to end polio. 

2 .  A sign about polio that Reads “Honk for Rotary fighting polio” And get three honks from passing vehicles. 

3. Photo of team member with Stop Sign signifying Rotary’s commitment to EndPolioNow. 

4. Photo of team member with eye drops to signify the two life saving vaccine drops on the tongue that has been the most effective at stopping the three strains of polio virus. 

5. Photo of team member with purple painted pinkie to illustrate how vaccination teams keep track of who has been immunized. 

6. Photo of Team member with Handicap Parking sign along with handwritten sign that says “NOT FROM POLIO. THANKS ROTARY”. 

7. Photo of team member showing thumb and forefinger one inch apart in a “This Close” pose illustrating how close we are to ending Polio. 

8. Photo of team member holding any publication that has a story about one of our many celebrity sponsors including Bill Gates, Melinda Gates, Kirsten Bell, John Cena, Desmond Tutu, Jackie Chan and others.

9. Photo of team member and a Microsoft product acknowledging our partners Bill and Melinda Gates who have matched every dollar Rotary has spent since we made the commitment. 

10. Photo of team member with any product that relieves PAIN.  PAIN was the acronym for Pakistan Afghanistan India and Nigeria eight years ago when I became polio chair.  India and Nigeria are now polio free.  An illustration of our continuing success. 


While teams reported in from the field, DG Tom Gump and friends hosted from “Gump Tower” on zoom with messages of Rotary’s great endeavor to end polio forever.  The winning team, Treasure Hunters Karen and Tasha of Apple Valley Rotary came in with all items in six minutes!!  Judge Gump declared that the race continue and that any team completing all items would be winners eligible to receive Paul Harris recognition.  Several other teams took the challenge and completed all items. Great fun was had by all and our message was heard far and wide. Many hoped we might do it again next year!

**Please note that all local social distance and mask guidelines were followed while participating**
To learn more about our efforts, to make a donation, or to join us in raising awareness or donating you time, visit https://www.endpolio.org/