Posted by Karen Walkowski (Lake Minnetonka-Excelsior)
I am excited to bring you an update on the great things that are happening with the Rotary Initiative to End Human Trafficking in Minnesota.Working with representatives from District 5960, many of you have already volunteered to support the activities currently underway.
Accomplishments to date:
  • Several clubs have featured Human Trafficking speakers.
  • The Summit event on February 23 will bring together representatives of more than 150 organizations, all creating a comprehensive, coordinated community plan.
  • Potential major sponsors will hear a newly created message.
  • Numerous clubs are partnering with local organizations and providing financial support.
However, the work has just begun and we are still looking for support in the following areas:
  • Identifying leaders in your community to attend the Summit. We especially seek representatives from:
    • law enforcement
    • education (middle school or high school principals and superintendents, health services)
    • church leaders who can galvanize their congregations to address this issue
  • Becoming your club’s champion for the Human Trafficking Initiative. We are looking for someone from each club who will lead your club in this initiative for the next 3-4 years. You will be invited to the Summit if you are willing to serve in this role.
  • Volunteering at the Summit.
Contact Karen Walkowski for more information about the Summit, becoming your club’s champion, or scheduling a club speaker: