In explaining why he selected the theme Rotary: Making a Difference, President Ian Riseley says, "It seems to me that it represents what Rotary is and what Rotary does, every day and in many ways.  All those people who befit from our great programs appreciate that Rotary exists to make a difference."
We are improved as people when we follow the guiding principles in our mission statement and the Object of Rotary, he says.
To Riseley, the theme logo symbolizes diversity, with people from all races and backgrounds uniting under the banner of Rotary.  "It symbolizes all fo us striving to do better, reaching ever higher to do good in the world, in the name of Rotary," he says. "Even those of us who are modest in our achievements can, when combined with 1.2 million colleagues, contribute to making a difference, in our own communities and more globally.
How to earn the Rotary Citation: