Posted by Alexa Rundquist

One of the District 2017-2018 goals is to make a difference by tracking hours of service and dollars spent in our respective communities. 


Here is the detail reported in the first 6 months:

38 clubs have reported activities in Rotary Club Center
1218 Volunteers have participated in Reported activities
5931 Hours of service hair been reported
$66,027 cash value reported - includes contributions and value of service and goods


We need your help.  Would you report your club's hours and dollars spent this Rotary year by January 25 so we can report it at the Midterm Assembly?  Here are a couple tools to get it recorded.

  • Use this spreadsheet by designating a member of your club to track hours. The spreadsheet contains all of the data fields that are asked when reporting in Rotary Club Central. It helps all the clubs in the District track and report service activities in the same way.  Each club can send this spreadsheet to me monthly. 
  • A How to Guide on Reporting Service Activities in Rotary Club Central; this is a step by step guide on how to report service activities, some definitions on what counts as a service activity and some information on how the data will be used.  Only the President will be able to report the information into Rotary Club Central, due to their level of access, but any club member can do the tracking.
I hope these documents are helpful and answer questions you may have. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me at and ask any questions you have.
View our reported progress as of mid January.