Every club celebrates new Paul Harris Fellowships that recognize members' $1,000 gifts to The Rotary Foundation  (TRF). During this 100th Anniversary Year of The Rotary Foundation, DG Mark Hegstrom has been encouraging Rotarians to commit to a $1,000 annual contribution.
DG Mark's home club is the Rotary Club of Edina Morningside. Under 2016-2017 President Tom Gump, the club has taken the $365 per member per year contribution goal seriously. On November 15, The Rotary Club of Edina Morningside became a 100% Paul Harris Fellow Club. DG Mark Hegstrom (center), President Tom Gump (l) and TRF Chair Jim Warner (r) proudly display the club's recognition flag. Congratulations to all the club members and the District Governor on this one-time Rotary honor.
While the Edina Mornginside club has a history of generosity, some multiple-PHF members used "points" to add to the cash contributions of newer members to ensure that each of the club's 79 members became a PHF. Contact DG Mark if your club wants to be a 100% PHF Club.