Posted by Marianna Khuav (Monticello), Area 13 AG
Area 13’s presidents and presidents-elect came home from PETS with enthusiasm for doing a meaningful local project.  These leaders from the Monticello, Buffalo, and St. Michael-Albertville clubs applied for a district local grant, turning $3,000 into $12,500 for a Fight the Hunger food packing event.
It was our first Area 13 community event
that brought all three clubs' Rotarians, friends and families together to work with the Monticello Interact Kids to fight hunger. Rotarians packed over 40,000 meals in four hours. Each club brought back 62 cases of food to distribute to their local food shelves and after-school/weekend food backpack program.
In a great show of Women in Rotary, the club leaders included (from left):
Marianna Khauv (Monticello), Area 13 AG; Irene Kelly (Eden Prairie, AM), DG-E; Kris Dirks (Buffalo), President; Michelle Redding (Monticello), President-Elect; Linda Mielke (Monticello), President; and Kristin Rogers (St. Michael-Albertville), Past-President.
At left, immigrant volunteers helped pack because they had been helped by a similar program and now wanted to give back.