Though a PR Committee or Chairperson is an important tool for Rotary clubs, there are many easy, cheap ways individual Rotarians can help spread the word, as well. It's not about "selling" Rotary, it's about living your Rotary passion and weaving it into your daily life. For example:
  • Brand yourself.” Wear your Rotary pin or a logo shirt. Slap a window sticker on your car. Buy a Rotary coffee mug for the office. Check out Russell-Hampton for officially-licensed Rotary merchandise. 

  • Make Rotary part of your everyday. Mention your Rotary meeting at work: "Oh man, I'm so full from the great breakfast we had at Rotary this morning." In your Facebook status, write something interesting you learned at your Rotary meeting. 

  • Bring your family to meetings and events. They are spokespeople, too! The more they know about Rotary, the more they will share with others AND the more supportive they will be of your Rotary involvement. 
  • Invite your friends and colleagues to club events, fundraiser, etc. Your invite does not have to be obnoxious: email a brief, personal plug about your club’s upcoming fundraiser to local friends who might be interested or hang a poster in your work’s break room.

  • Support your club’s PR efforts by “Liking” its Facebook page, suggesting stories for the website, taking pictures at events, sharing the links of stories in the news, etc.

  • Be engaged! The best way to share your Rotary passion is to live your Rotary passion. Sign up to help at events, visit neighboring clubs, attend district conferences and training, offer to mentor a new member, etc.